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Product Launch: Wedding Price List

According to a survey, getting vendor prices is the most time-consuming aspect of vendor shopping.

So we decided to release price sheets, that has a list of local vendors and real price quotes or prices paid by other couples. Currently, we only have sheets for British Columbia, with immediate plans to roll out into other regions.

Wedding Price Sheet
A Preview of the Pricesheet for British Columbia

Why We Created The Price Sheet

So why did we create the price sheets?

The short answer- price sheets will save customers and vendors, a ton of time!

The long answer – More often than not, customers are required to book a consultation, to get any  sort of pricing details. While a consultation can be helpful for a vendor to provide precise prices, there are a couple challenges with this approach.

Poor Price Transparency Creates Poor Customer Experiences

The first challenge, is that requiring consultations, means that price shopping becomes extremely time-consuming for the person planning the wedding. Let’s say that you’re a bride planning your wedding, and you have a list of 40 potential vendors who require a 30-minute consultation. Now the bride has to spend 20 hours in consultative meetings, to see if a vendor can even fall within their budget. 

This brings us to our next point. After spending at least 20 hours in consultative meetings, there is no guarantee that the pricing will be within the client’s budget. In other words, the client has to keep spending hours on the phone, until they find a set of vendors that meet their needs. Yes, you could argue that the client should just hire a wedding planner to do this for them, but the reality is, a wedding planner isn’t in everyone’s budget. So we need to build a shopping experience that is more inclusive.

The final point is, customers (both couples and vendors!)  are literally asking us for price sheets. So we have listened, and will continue to listen.

Vendor Concerns

Finally, we would like to address any concerns people may have with the price sheet. One concern is that some vendors seem to be concerned with the accuracy of the sheet. After all, each couple may want customizations that influence a price quote. Therefore, not all quotes are the same. We at, agree. To address that concern, the sheets are heavily caveated with the following:

  • The specific details of what the pricing came with.
  • The year the price quote was provided.
  • A giant disclaimer starting that pricing can change, and that the price sheet is only meant for informational purposes.

Ultimately, the price sheets are not meant to be 100% precise for 100% of customer situations. Rather, the sheets are meant to give clients an idea of what kind of price range to expect from a vendor. By having this information upfront, both clients and vendors can save time by not attending unnecessary consultation calls.  Another benefit to vendors is that they can see how other vendors have their pricing setup. Knowing these details can help vendors price more competitively, without having to do extra guesswork.

With that said, you can learn more about our pricing sheets by following this link. 

If you have feedback or want to share price quotes, let us know in the comments!

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