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How one Desi couple adapted their wedding events, amidst a pandemic.

Our podcast host Kamran recently connected with Bilal on the Desi Weddings sub-Reddit . After hearing about his story of getting married in March 2020, the team decided to bring him on as a guest to this podcast episode.

In this episode, we learned about how Bilal met his wife on a trip back to Pakistan in 2018, and had their 3-day wedding festivities take place in the middle of March 2020, when COVID19 just started gaining prominence in the global media. We discussed the many hurdles he had to overcome due to government orders and shut down many vendor and non-essential businesses, why he chose to not postpone or cancel his events, and how he adapted his wedding events to the current COVID19 environment. We also talked about some more practical aspects of meeting your partner overseas, maintaining a long distance relationship, and shrinking wedding guest lists down to adhere to government orders around social distancing.

Also, as mentioned in the beginning of the episode, donations can be made to Seva Food Bank, who is distributing food to low-income families and families who have been economically and financially impacted by COVID19. Donations can be made by following this link.

Hit play below to listen to this episode!

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