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Wedding Entertainment – A Chat with Vancity Bhangra

At PlanEvents, we wanted to hear from a team that not only lights up the competitive stage, but also knows how to really fire up a wedding reception. So we decided to interview Vancity Bhangra.

Out of all of the folks over at PlanEvents, I am pretty sure I am our biggest Bhangra-head. I’ve been involved in the competitive Bhangra-circuit (no trophies, though!), and I’ve also done a number of wedding gigs, personally.  Anyways – I’ll get to the point.  See the interview below

PlanEvents :

Vancity Bhangra seems like a versatile and an accomplished Bhangra team. As a competitive dance team, how did Vancity Bhangra start doing wedding gigs? How are wedding gigs different from competitive gigs, for Vancity?

Vancity Bhangra:

So back when VanCity Bhangra did not have its own academy, we used to do gigs to fund outfits, props and competitions we would attend. 

After lots of praise from our clients and with everyone sharing the same vision we decided to offer performances specific to wedding events. These performances differ from our competitive routines mainly through song selection and traditional elements. 

We understand that the audience wants to hear new music so we change our mix every wedding season. Alongside only sending competitively trained dancers, we offer all girls, boys, kids and coed options for Bhangra groups. 

Our goal is to entertain the audience.

Vancity BhangraVancity Bhangra  

  • Harinder
    January 22, 2022 at 1:27 am

    Would like to check your prices

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