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WedChief’s Top 3 Picks for Wedding Planners in India

 Wedding planning is not just about sketching an idea on paper. Planning is much more than that. Going to caterers and various other vendors, choosing the right decor according to the theme,  assisting the clients with the budget and the list of duties goes on. In the end,  seeing months of hard work come together on a perfect wedding day is the best experience for the planner and for the clients as well.  

We know how difficult it is to hire the perfect planner for your wedding and that’s why if you belong to the capitol of India or if you’re planning your wedding in Delhi,  has short listed 3 planners in and around Delhi.

3. Modern Events

Modern Events is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. They are a 4-year-old wedding planning agency, with a specialty in weddings and corporate events. Their core revolves around executing destination weddings, in the most budget-friendly and personalized manner and their  DNA lies in blending traditions with modernity, putting the best of both worlds together via technology and rituals. This makes them one of the best wedding planners in and around Delhi.

2. Con Estilo

Con Estilo is Delhi based wedding management company. They have planned a number of weddings including the destination weddings at various places like Jaipur, Goa, and even Kashmir.  Its team has planned numerous luxurious and splendid events and has generated immense customer appreciation for their customized services. Con Estilo aims to provide what the client wants and imagines, be it decor, the right venue, or best-priced vendors, all aspects of the event are planned impeccably.

1. Whistling Teel

Whistling Teel is a professional wedding management company with offices in Dehradun & Delhi. Celebrate the most important day of your life with them at Whistling Teel as they will take care of all your wedding planning’s and desires. They will provide you specialised and personalised services to suit your requirements. Be it a Traditional Wedding or a Beach Wedding, a wedding in a palace or a wedding on a cruise, they will turn your dream wedding into a reality.

Wedding planning can be stressful, it’s important to hire an experienced and creative planner so as to avoid all the hassles involved and that’s why we have suggested you these wedding planners who are amongst the best wedding planners in Delhi as listed by

Let us know your feedback, share this blog with everyone and stay tuned until next blog.

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