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New Vendor Spotlight: Waleed Khan Couture

The Waleed Khan Couture Brand

Meet one of B.C.’s newest South Asian fashion boutiques, Waleed Khan Couture. 

With their roots in Multan,Punjab, Pakistan, the company brings a Multani taste in fashion, to Abbotsford, B.C.  

Waleed Khan Couture established their presence in Abbotsford, B.C. in November 2021. They established their Abbotsford location in response to B.C.’s demand for reasonably-priced Pakistani outfits. Prior to 2021, the company established a flagship store in Multan in 2018, so they have 2 locations. 

Take a look at the gallery to the right, to see some of their outfits.

Waleed Khan, the brand’s namesake, specializes in fashion design. Prior to that, his family was in the fashion business for 30 years. Khan didn’t originally have plans to go into fashion…as he is a pilot by trade. He got his college degree in Aviation, and joined the Lahore Flying Club. In other words, this guy went from being a pilot to becoming a Pakistani fashionista. 

Since going into business in 2018, the couture has specialized in Luxury Pret. If you’re not aware, Luxury Pret is a type of fashion that specializes in artisanal pieces that look elegant, while also being comfortable enough to wear in any setting.

The brand creates their own outfits, so they do not resell outfits from other designer brands. Waleed Khan, who resides in Pakistan, designs the brand’s outfits, which are then distributed out of their location in Abbotsford, B.C. So you know you’re getting genuine Pakistani outfits that are unique. 

You can check out their selection for their Abbotsford, B.C. location over at Instagram at @WK_attire.

Waleed Khan - Founder of Waleed Khan Couture
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