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The Indian Bridal Experience – An interview with Simmy Behar

The Indian Bridal Experience

An interview with Simmy Behar

This is PlanEvent’s first interview with a bride. We felt that our audience would find it both helpful and interesting to learn about the wedding experience from people who have already gone through it.

This interview is with Simmy Behar. Feel free to follow her on Instagram at @simmybehar.

Enjoy the tips and pics!


What was your wedding experience like? This includes anything ranging from wedding planning to the actual day of your wedding events.  

Wedding planning can be stressful not cause you don’t have things done but family can be very high stressed. I reminded myself that this important to my parents, in laws, my soon to be husband and me. When I felt overwhelmed while walking into the gurdwara, I saw my husband and my nerves just went away. I really enjoyed every moment as it was the time we became husband and wife. It was emotional for my parents and I just embraced it. I just reminded myself it’s not the show but the meaning behind marriage. I was smiling during my wedding.

If you could talk to your pre-married self, what are the 3 biggest piece of advice you would give yourself in regards to the wedding plan process?

The 3 biggest advice I would give myself. Is relax it will be perfect if you remember it’s about a union of two individuals. It’s not about the dress it’s not about the food it’s about two people becoming husband and wife. ( even though food should be amazing and a groom and bride should feel beautiful). Second would be communicate, that’s one thing I wish we did better on. I wish my photographer would of told us more what to do with our photo/video as sometimes we are caught up in the wedding and forget about things like that and how to pose and etc. 3 advice is remember this is huge to our parents. We are a big part of our parents lives and being married and starting a union with our partner is big to them. So just remember that when they want to do more traditional things and just find balance.

Was there anything about the wedding planning or logistics process that caught you he surprised? If yes, what did that look like?


Yes. I think the big grand “wedding” sometimes the couples like to enjoy the moment and not be bombarded by the moment. So I think it’s nice to navigate task to the bridal and groom party to help with any outsider stress and for video/photographers to take a role in creating the story while the bride and groom enjoy in the moment. I hope that made sense !

Simmy Behar Simmy Behar

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