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25+ Indian Wedding Vendors You Should Know About​

25+ Indian Wedding Vendors You Should Know About

If you’ve been shopping around for IG-famous wedding vendors, you probably know that:

  • They can be hard to get a hold of.
  • More established vendors, can be expensive.
  • More established vendors, are often booked for months or even years in advance.

To solve this problem, multiple brides have told us to come up with a list of vendors, who may not be as well known.

Their assumption is that less known vendors, are more likely to be more affordable, responsive, and available.

We at have no idea whether this is actually true.

Nonetheless, we listened to you and gathered a list of up and coming vendors. These are vendors that were recommended to us, by brides!

See the list below. The list is organized by location and category.


CategoryCompany NameIG handle
BartendingPretty in Pink Management
ClothingBlush Bloom YEG
GiftboxesWhite Lilac Details
Hair & MakeupBNatural Artistry
JewelryBlush Bloom YEG
PhotoGlass Film YYC
PhotoJal Snap
PhotoThe Wed Shades
PhotoboothMirage YYC
Wedding DecoratorBlush And Co. Events
Wedding PlannerBlush And Co. Events

British Columbia

Washington State

CategoryCompany NameIG handle 
ClothingNur Kalaan 
JewelryDawn Creations 
SignageRanKam Creations 

That is the end of this post.

If you want us to add a vendor to this post, let us know in the comments! 

  • Maiyan Board YYC
    December 21, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    Please check out @maiyanboardyyc on IG for your Maiyan/Rangoli Needs! We are located in Calgary, Alberta however we ship worldwide!

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