Review Policy

Beneficial User Experience

Contributions must be based on real first-hand experiences and information. Deliberately fake content, copied or stolen photos, off-topic reviews, defamatory language, personal attacks, and unnecessary or incorrect content are all in violation of our policy. If you see this behavior, please report it.

We reserve the right to disable user generated contributions for individual business profiles and business categories to prevent abuse. We also reserve the right to remove content that violates our policies or terms of service, and to suspend or delete abusive accounts.

Please check back from time to time, as we may occasionally update our policies.

About Our Policies

These policies apply to all user generated content including:

  • Text Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Images

Any content you publish to the platform must follow these policies, as well as the Terms of Service, any other relevant product policies, and any relevant local laws and regulations. Please also be mindful of the Privacy Policy.

Report Inappropriate Content

Content that violates our policies can be removed from listings. See the instructions below to either report inappropriate content that you find on your listing or fix your own content that’s been flagged or removed.

Before you begin

Only report content that violates policies. Don’t flag content that you don’t like but is still factually accurate and relevant. doesn’t get involved when vendors and customers disagree about facts, since there’s no reliable way to discern who’s right about a particular customer experience.

Be patient. It can take time for a review to be assessed.