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It has been a while since had an opportunity to interview a B.C. Indian wedding vendor. In this blog post, we had a chance to interview Radiantxartistry, an up and coming HMUA based out of Surrey, British Columbia. Enjoy!

PlanEvents  : How did you get into the business of being a hair and makeup artist?

RadiantxArtistry  : I was already doing hair and makeup on clients through referrals, and I absolutely loved it. This year it just kind of occurred to me that I should really give this a shot and see what happens, that’s when I opened my company and decided to dedicate my all to my business. 

PlanEvents  : Who is your buggest MUA influence?

RadiantxArtistry  : My biggest MUA influence I think would have to be Karen Sarahii (iluvsarahii), I just love all her makeup looks and I absolutely love her smudged eyeliner look.

PlanEvents  : What do you think the biggest trend will look like in the 2020 wedding season?

RadiantxArtistry  :  For brides, I think the bold red lips are coming back. I also think we will see more of a simple less is more type of makeup look next season as well.


See more information and pictures from RadiantxArtistry here!

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