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Product Launch: Premium Wedding Price Sheet

We have officially launched a premium version of the wedding price sheet,for British Columbia!

Below are some examples of prices for vendors found in the premium version of the sheet:

    • Pink Orchid Studio
    • Blue Rose Artistry
    • Aria Banquet Hall
    • High Voltage Roadshow
    • Universal Tents
    • Amrit Photography

Back in January, we launched a free version of the price sheet . Since then, we have talked to hundreds of people who have been using the sheet, and we have gotten a ton of useful feedback! That feedback was used to build out the premium sheet.

With the premium price sheet, you will get:

      • 90+ price quotes from 45+ vendors
      • Additionally, the premium sheet will continue to grow and receive regular updates.

Purchase the sheet by clicking on one of the item below.

Above is a summary of price quotes, broken down by category
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