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Category: Vendor Tutorials and DIY

Jun 14
Going Viral on Instagram, for Wedding Vendors

In this post, we are going to share a repeatable strategy that has worked for growing our Instagram engagement for Instagram Reels. By no means are we social media experts. We are just like you, figuring things out through trial and error. Hopefully you find this helpful. We’ll start off with a framework that we […]

Aug 16
How to Get More Reviews

In this post, I’m going to share a simple process you can try out, to get reviews! This is a process that Simran’s Mehndi has used to get 18 reviews in her first 2-3 weeks on Specifically, we will go over a couple examples of how the use of simple messages and links can […]

Oct 20
How Do Indian Wedding Vendors Get Leads?

You’re excellent at your craft. Whether that be putting together a hobo-themed Indian wedding design, or tying an amazing turban for your groom. However, when it comes to managing your business , there are is a ton of additional work that many vendors have to solve for. For context, we recently surveyed 29 Indian wedding […]