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Mar 08
3 Affordable Wedding Venues in Vancouver, B.C for Under $1,000

According to the wedding vendor price list for British Columbia, the average venue price package is around $10,000 CAD (as of March 2023). The actual range of prices are all over the place, and depends on things like guest count, food, alcohol, and more. More affordable venues tend to have fewer perks. Below, is a […]

Oct 10
Tips For Buying Indian Wedding Outfits Online

You have a vision of what you want your wedding outfit to look like. You might even have an exact picture of what you’re looking for. At this point, it’s a matter of finding a business that can perfectly reproduce the outfit in a way that is within your budget, while also getting it to […]

Jul 03
5 Wedding House Rentals in Lower Mainland B.C.

Wedding Houses for Rent For this post, we are going to highlight some short-term property rentals that can be used for hosting guests during a wedding week. All of the properties we are highlighting, are in lower mainland B.C.(Surrey, Langley, etc.).Before we jump into examples and contact details, here are some things to know. Based on […]

Feb 12
Indian Wedding Dresses – Dressing For Your Skin

Table of Contents Imagine if choosing the color of your Indian wedding dress was as easy is reading this post. Well, we’re going to do our best to make that happen, by teaching you how to choose outfit colors based on your undertone. Before we discuss the role of undertones any further, please know that […]

Aug 29
3 Stunning Spots for Engagement Shoots in BC

Finally, you’ve set the date for your wedding and now you can start planning. One of the few things people forget, (or maybe I just forgot), is booking a photographer ahead of time for an engagement photo shoot. Your decorator can use these engagement shoot photos to place near the entrance of a reception or […]

Jul 21
Private Messaging is Here

Learn more about messaging Indian wedding vendors A few days ago, we introduced a new feature to PlanEvents, which allows brides and grooms to reach out to Indian wedding vendors directly. Now, it’s even easier to get a hold of Indian wedding vendors. Let’s imagine you want to reach out to Bancy Farms.   A […]