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Sep 13
How Much Is an Indian Wedding in Mexico?

In this blog post, I’m going to share some details relating to having an affordable Indian destination wedding in Mexico. Specifically, this will apply to Cabo San Lucas. Sorry if you’re looking for information for a place like Cancun…we will work on that in the future. These are facts and figures that a couple provided […]

Apr 07
An Interview with Smiley Singh, The Dholi from Netflix’s “Love is Blind”

If you watched Season 2 of Netflix’s Love is Blind, keep reading! One of our employees recently slide into Smiley’s DMs, and had an opportunity to interview Smiley Singh. If you don’t know who Smiley Singh is…you need to watch Season 2 of Love is Blind, specifically the wedding episode. He was the dholi for […]

Sep 28
Shopping for Plus-size Indian Bridal Wear

My Journey By writing this post, my hope is to inspire other plus-size brides and grooms to not compromise on their wedding outfits. I’m here to share how my husband and I made it a point to not compromise, and how we got the plus-sized outfits we dreamed of. Keep scrolling down! When We Got […]

Apr 21
Tea Time With Amba Jewellers

We recently had the pleasure of spending time with Angela Karwal from Amba Jewellers. Amba Jewellers is one of Edmonton’s premier jewellers, where many go to for their bridal shopping. During this tea time, we asked Angela a few questions regarding the business and industry. Keep scrolling and enjoy! 🙂 Do most customers come in […]

Nov 07
A Sikh Wedding Day Timeline

A Real Story from a Sikh Bride For this blog post, we are keeping words to a minimum by showing you what the day of the Indian Sikh wedding ceremony looks like. Simply click on each slide below to see what time an event happened, and what the event looked like. Previous Next For more […]

Sep 18
An Interview with The Brown Royals Photography

​ The Brown Royals Photography is a company that has recently been launched by Deep Hundal. While Deep’s background has predominantly revolved around the use of film and photo to highlight social issue and broader topics concerning the Panjabi community, his venture into Indian wedding photography is his way of disrupting Indo-Canadian wedding culture, as it […]

Sep 04
RadiantxArtistry Chats with

It has been a while since had an opportunity to interview a B.C. Indian wedding vendor. In this blog post, we had a chance to interview Radiantxartistry, an up and coming HMUA based out of Surrey, British Columbia. Enjoy! PlanEvents  : How did you get into the business of being a hair and makeup […]

Jul 28
Bridal Henna Tips – An Interview with Henna by Arneet

PlanEvents recently had the opportunity to interview Henna by Arneet. In the interview below, Arneet shares some of the hottest patterns of the year, along with recommendations on how brides should care for their henna. Enjoy the interview! PlanEvents: What is your favorite henna pattern? Arneet: My personal favorite henna pattern is floral designs with […]

Jun 23
Changing The Way That Indian Brides Get Jewelry – An Interview with RKS Collections

For this blog post, I decided to jump in to publish our interview with RKS Collections because I love Indian jewelry. So Kam is stepping out for this post.Sorry Kam ;). British Columbia’s Indian wedding scene is flourishing with so many creative vendors and artisans. One of those vendors is RKS Collections, whom PlanEvents stumbled […]

Jun 16
Wedding Entertainment – A Chat with Vancity Bhangra

At PlanEvents, we wanted to hear from a team that not only lights up the competitive stage, but also knows how to really fire up a wedding reception. So we decided to interview Vancity Bhangra. Out of all of the folks over at PlanEvents, I am pretty sure I am our biggest Bhangra-head. I’ve been […]