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Mar 31
Sikh Wedding Traditions

Beautiful people, crowded dance floors, great food, and an open bar – typically, these are all on the menu for many Punjabi weddings. However, there is much more than that. In this post, we are going to break down the Sikh wedding week, event by event.  Keep reading, if you want to learn more! Table […]

Mar 25
Bengali Wedding Traditions

Wedding festivities and rituals are deeply integrated into various cultures within the Indian Subcontinent. These traditions vary by region and community. Bengali weddings are amongst the most intricate and symbolic traditions that come out of South Asia. While the staple of a Bengali wedding follows a specified format of differing events– traditions vary in regards […]

Feb 03
Loki ki kain gey – A Comic

Welcome to our first wedding comic issue. We’ve titled it, “Loki ki kain gey?”, which translates into “What will people say?”. Our South Asian communities have so many wonderful aspects to them. However, there are many aspects of our culture that need to be fixed. We asked our Instragram followers for the most absurd gossip […]

Jun 29
Siddi Culture & Wedding Traditions

Before we dive into the culture and wedding traditions of the Siddi people, an Afro-South Asian community, we wanted to preface this post with why we are doing it. Nearly a month ago, many of us were expressing our support for racial inequality and the Black Lives Matter movement on social media. Instagram was flooded […]

Jan 02
3 Parsi Wedding Ceremony Traditions and What They Mean

For this blog post, Farawayland Weddings shared a few wedding traditions unique to the Parsi community.  The term, Parsi, is a term used in South Asia to refer to people following the Zoroastrian faith. Without going too much into a historical discussion, Parsis came from modern-day Iran during the 8th-10th century, to avoid religious persecution. To […]

Aug 20
How I Got Into Weddings

I am sure this question surfaces A LOT – it is pretty simple, actually. I would say the obsession started around the age of 18 when I discovered wedding highlights videos on YouTube. Growing up I would dream about my wedding day, and I got such happiness out of watching these videos that it became […]

Aug 11
Wedding Lehngas – a Historical Journey Through Time

An interactive timeline that takes lets you explore the history of the Lehnga.