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Category: Fun Facts

Mar 31
Sikh Wedding Traditions

Beautiful people, crowded dance floors, great food, and an open bar – typically,…

Mar 25
Bengali Wedding Traditions

Wedding festivities and rituals are deeply integrated into various cultures within the…

Feb 03
Loki ki kain gey – A Comic

Welcome to our first wedding comic issue. We’ve titled it, “Loki ki kain…

Jun 29
Siddi Culture & Wedding Traditions

Before we dive into the culture and wedding traditions of the Siddi people, an…

Jan 02
3 Parsi Wedding Ceremony Traditions and What They Mean

For this blog post, Farawayland Weddings shared a few wedding traditions unique…

Aug 20
How I Got Into Weddings

I am sure this question surfaces A LOT – it is pretty simple, actually. I would…

Aug 11
Wedding Lehngas – a Historical Journey Through Time

An interactive timeline that takes lets you explore the history of the Lehnga.