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Shopping for Plus-size Indian Bridal Wear

My Journey

By writing this post, my hope is to inspire other plus-size brides and grooms to not compromise on their wedding outfits. I’m here to share how my husband and I made it a point to not compromise, and how we got the plus-sized outfits we dreamed of. Keep scrolling down!

When We Got Married

November 2019

My Experience When Finding a Well-fitted Outfit

Having had prior difficulty in “Little India”/Artesia, CA we elected to go to India to get all of our outfits.  My husband is also plus size and taller than the average Indian male. 

In SoCal I was given very limited options and custom outfits would be astronomically priced around $8-10k USD.  In India, we went to Ahmedabad and went straight to Asopalav.  The salesperson assigned to our group was extremely helpful and was showing us a great variety of outfits in the colors and styles we wanted.  I stopped him and said, “Please only show me the outfits that are available in my size – I don’t want to be disappointed.”  He said that they manufacture all of their outfits, and therefore any fabric can be made to any size and any specification.  I was over-joyed! They took my measurements and detailed descriptions of sleeve length, neck line shape/depth, back, and other decorative details. 

I was apprehensive at first since it would take several weeks before I would have my outfits to try on and we would be back in America before they would be ready.  Aso Palav securely shipped all our outfits and they arrived in great condition.  I was pleasantly surprised that each item fit like a glove!!  The only alteration I had to do was get the tops taken in as I lost weight between March (when the outfits arrived) and November.

An outfit from AsoPalav
An outfit from AsoPalav

My Negative Experience

Our main negative experience was Manivar in Ahmedabad, while shopping for my husband’s outfits. They did ready-made and really weren’t keen on doing anything custom. They flat out refused to help us find outfits in his size. However, Aso Palav came through again with flying colors. They were able to do all his custom outfits to match my outfits exactly and each of this suits came with custom matching shoes

Tips for Those Who Are Shopping for Plus-size Indian Wedding Outfits

Don’t let any vendor tell you that you can’t have what you want!

Find a vendor who wants to work for you and your wedding! If you cannot travel to India, Aso Palav does Zoom shopping and they walk you through how to take measurements to their specification.  We almost had to do this for my sister. 

Also, pick styles you are comfortable in and not styles that are in “fashion” or vogue at the time.  You want an outfit you can look back on 30-40 years later and still love.  The new Indo-Western gown styles can really help give a longer figure and hour-glass shape but they must be fitted correctly.

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