Site logo’s Top 3 Indian Wedding Photographers in B.C. 2019's Top 3 Hair and Makeup Artists of 2019

Brides and grooms, in British Columbia, have come to to search and share experiences about Indian wedding makeup artists, decorators, photographers, and many other vendors!

Through the help of our PlanEvents community, who provided numerous reviews for a growing list of more than 800 vendors over the past year, we are excited to announce top vendor picks. During December 2019, we will share top picks by vendor category.

For the 2nd series, we are covering the top photographers of 2019. The photography scene in British Columbia is exploding with many great photos from wedding and engagement shoots. 

There’s no end to skilled photographers who create these beautiful pictures, so how do you choose your photographer? There’s more than what meets the eye. Communication is important. You need someone who can respond to you promptly, especially when photographers are busy. Location… the typical locations are easy however, if you’re looking for unique locations, you need a photographer who has experience travelling all over the province. Check out our Top 3 who excel in all of these criterias. 


Based out of Vancouver, B.C., Sohal Studios is a world-renowned team specializing in Indian wedding photographers. 

Sohal Studio grabbed spot 3 on our list for 2019 because of the exquisiteness of their work and their dedication to their clients.

Customers say that Sohal Studios offers flexibility, affordability, and great communication. Those are all important traits in our book!

iNav had a breakout year in 2019. The photographer is described as going above and beyond to create the perfect pictures for his clients, and it shows in his work. 

One reviewer said ” His pictures perfectly encompassed the magic we all felt! We are in awe of your photos & couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a photographer.”

The #1 spot goes to JD Photo Studios.

JD Photo Studios brings out the best by consistently creating beautiful shoots with an eye for detail, from clothing to the location and surroundings. Be it rain, snow or sunshine, JD will give you the best photos that can be created. A true fine artist. 

While that wraps up’s Top 3 photographers of 2019, we want to wrap things up by giving honorable mentions to the Indian wedding photographers below. Each of them were strong contenders for this list:

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