Off-season Indian Wedding Receptions: 3 Venues in British Columbia Offering Major Savings

After surveying our users, we learned that many of you want to learn about venues in British Columbia that offer deep savings by having your Indian reception party during off-peak periods.

Below we will show you the peak versus off-peak price differences for 3 reception halls.

The charts are interactive, so hover off a bar to see differences in price so you can do your own comparisons.

1.Stanley Park Pavilion

Below is a park for the Stanley Park Pavilion. Price packages are based off of at 150-person guest list.

2. UBC Boathouse

Below is a park for the UBC Boathouse. Price packages are based off of 8-hour blocks of rental time and no guest minimums or maximums.

3. Westwood Plateau Golf Course

Below is a park for the Westwood Plateau Golf Course. Price packages are based off of food and beverage minimums for a 180-person guest list.

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