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  • Kennidy Barbieri
    October 18, 2023 at 9:47 am

    Finding Wish Me Thru The Phone was the best thing to come across for my wedding. With a little searching on Instagram I was able to find them, and they were so responsive and excited about being apart of our day. I knew this memento would be special especially since all my grandparents were there. I wanted to have something where I could listen back and hear their voices and with 2 of them passing away recently it has become something I will truly cherish. They made little montage videos with the voice recordings which was a huge added bonus. They set up the decorations around the phone to meet the aesthetic feel and it fit in perfectly. Even when my grandma couldnt make it over to them in her wheelchair they grabbed the phone and ran it over to her to make sure she could leave her message. They were so adaptable, reasonable and in general amazing to work with! If you are looking for long lasting memorable keepsakes, consider booking this phone, you wont regret it, thanks so much guys!

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