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  • Shr
    October 6, 2021 at 9:48 pm

    absolutely amazing! Sonu listens to all your requests and does a beautiful job!

  • Fadilah
    July 13, 2022 at 11:10 am

    Sonu and her so called partner Anu own this business. When we 1st met sonu she never stated she had “business partner ” which is her daughter. We only dealt with Sonu. 1st event was the wedding/ nikkah at riverside Hall. We had called Sonu about 4-5 days prior to the event and stated that we will provide payment earlier since we will be busy during the wedding events. Sonu had said no we will receive payment was the events are over. The wedding day I get a call from a girl named Anu I didn’t know who she was and she stated that they needed payment the day of the wedding.. I said I couldn’t do it since I have appts to attend and they should have told us earlier! They stated they needed to receive payment before the next day. ANU came to my husband’s house at 9am just to collect payment
    .. tried to charge us extra tax which wasn’t on the contract ( total scam ). The wedding decor was nice Hall backdrop similar to what we asked for. We specifically requested a dholi to be cover with flowers hanging top and sides so the bride was hidden ( bride cannot be seen while walking in). I had confirmed this with sonu and 2x since this is important during a nikkah ceremony. The dholi was covered in crystals on top and a couple dangling flowers. We had no choice but to use that … was super disappointed because that is crucial during the wedding.

    Reception Hall – the backdrop was nothing similar to what we had asked for. We specifically requested no Chandlers but she still added her 2 cents and added that to the backdrop. She basically added a whole diff backdrop which we didnt ask for .The walk way was suppose to be covered in flowers … barely any flowers were used. I will provide pics soon to this post. They were short staffed and had our family members help them while at the hall. We had requested a walkway with pillars at the reception before the flower. No pillars provided.
    When I entered the reception nothing looked like what we had requested. Minus the table centre piece.

    Our hall vendor did state to us that wedding by sonu is overally booked & they might need the hall to help them decorate.

    After all this we had called sonu and discussed everything that wasn’t done properly. She tried to rush the hall which was seen by family members. She never apologized and kept saying thats what we asked for. & since the reception is nothing like what we asked for shouldn’t we get something back ? She stated that 11gs is nothing not even that expensive. We asked for minimal and didn’t even provide that … No refund was provided.. she stated she needed to talk to her lawyers.

    @weddingsbysonu I wouldnt rec’d at all. Her daughter is super rude and needs to learn customer service. The worst experience by far.

  • Faazil
    July 25, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    Booked with weddings by sonu.. that just changed their name to Evergreen events. My vendors have been fantastic except this one. My partner and I had specific things in the contract that was crucial to our wedding. ” EVERGREEN events ” did not follow the contract which we had agreed upon. She did her own decor for the reception which was totally different then what i asked for. I didn’t see the decor until I got to the reception and I was so disappointed how bad the decor was. Once the wedding week was over Sonu stopped replying to my messages and stated that I email her instead. I tried emailing her and no response. She stated that she needed to speak to her lawyers regarding this issue… which still isn’t resolved yet. She reads the messages and doesn’t reply back.

    • Sonu
      July 25, 2022 at 3:48 pm

      Hello there,

      Thank you for your email. In the case you are pursuing this publicly, we can also respond publicly. We advise you to read the “default” section of the contract which states the client will cover costs of our attorney fees in terms of non-payment (in this case, the decor fees). We have been busy with bookings and please note we do not take phone calls without appointsments. I do have a daughter that works with me and her name is not Anu and neither has my daughter spoken to you at any time. We are not obligated to inform you of all our owners/employyes information prior to being hired. One of our workers name is Annupreet and she works for our company. All our services are given according to our contract which states points of everything that will be included in the price given. We sent our employee to collect the payment and our polices have changed to charging 12% instead of 5% hence she got confused and apologized for not being sure. She called me and made sure and I checked the contract and told her its 5% and you were only charged with 5%, no one was trying to scam you and you paid us 5% tax at the end. It was just a misunderstanding with our employee as our Tax polices have recently changed. Your contract was written before the policy changed which caused confusion. We let you know about the dholi that we are unable to completely cover it and will add as much flowers as we can and clearly stated that you will still be visible.

      Payment date: The contract clearly states which was sent over to you on several occasions sent months prior to your event that the payment is due July 1st, 2022, not after all your events are over. This contract was signed by Faazil, your husband and he also initialed under the payment section that clearly states the payment due date in bold and have sent many emails to review the contract.

      For the reception: Your family members were present while we were doing the decor the entire time which we have never experienced in 12 years of working in this industry. We have never had out clients be present for the ENTIRE time we were working on the decor. We got there at 10:00am that morning as you did not inform us the hall owners told you prior to your event date that the Hall will open at 11am instead as it was Canada Day and wasted one hour of our personal time. When we started taking our material to the stage, your family members arrived and stayed until 4:00pm while watching and recording us the entire time to make sure the decor is according to your liking. Your family members were sleeping on the entrance couches and even ordered food and were present the whole time. They did NOT help us in any way and we were not short staffed. There was 7 of us, including me working on your reception decor until the end of the decor. Our employees felt very uncomfortable with your family repeatedly recording them working as they said, they are showing you and your husband the decor process to make sure it is according toy our liking. It was very uncomfortable to have people in our working space. At some point, the Hall owner came and asked your family to leave as you are making the hall look bad and unpresentable as they were laying down and sleeping on the sofas and eating. They had clients coming in throughout the day for site visits and wanted their hall to look presentable. The hall owner also said leave the venue as you are not supposed to be present as your booking time starts from when your event starts and you cannot sit here prior to that. They also asked us why we haven’t asked them to leave yet as the were clearly invading our working space and could see we were all uncomfortable as they were walking into the stage while recording as we were working. Our employees also asked the family to not take them in the videos and to avoid walking into our working space while recording multiple times. After the decor was done, we asked the family if everyone is happy with the decor and if they are wanting to add anything, we can do that now and they said the decor is approved by everyone and looks good. So no changes were made

      The contract states “walkway canopy with roof covered with flowers hanging, not hanging all throughout the canopy” which again was signed by you and it had more flowers than originally planned as we brought extra. There are no walkway pillars included in the contract or price hence were not provided which again the contract was signed by you.

      We have been busy with bookings this summer, we were not “overly booked” and take bookings according to our availability. The wedding decor looked like what you asked for which we went and did that morning as you were present at the hall when we arrived. We did not rush any of the decor/services. We were at the Reception venue an hour early at 10:00am and left the hall at around 4:00pm and also came back at 6:00pm to light all the candles before the couple walks in.

      Annupreet is not my daughter and she was not rude, she was on call with me the entire time and we do have a recording of her apologizing for the confusion and letting your husband know the tax is 5%. None of these issues had came up until we asked you for the decor fees which we paid the reception hall out of our pocket as we would have not been able to enter and start the decor without which would have been an inconvenience for you as that was your responsibility to fulfil and the start time of the decor would have been delayed.

      Our contract states multiple times which you signed that the decor fees are NOT included and is the client’s responsibility to fulfill. When we messaged you that the payment for the decor fees is pending, you let us know then that we are “ridiculous” because we asked you for the payment of the decor fees and you wrote us a review with false information attempting to defame us as you do not wish to pay the decor fees and are repeatedly harassing us by calling us multiple times throughout the day with no notice or appointment. Some messages and especially phone calls from before your events started have been extremely rude and disrespectful which we had to warn you several times to please talk with respect and again we advise you read our polices in the contract that you have signed about Tolerance and Behaviour.

      Also, we talked about the payment and how your family was there the ENTIRE time until we finished the decor. When we said your family stayed for the purpose of making sure the decor is according to your liking and that they gave us our payment. You replied “LOL whose money did they give you, disgusting” which is extremely disrespectful and unacceptable language. You have been harassing us and been extremely impolite to me and my employees (all 6 of the employees can testify for this). Your family were in legal terms “trespassing” the venue as you have only booked the venue for the duration of your event and cannot be sleeping on the sofas from 10:00am supervising us which we have never experienced before. After being supervising and being uncomfortable for hours, and the family telling us they are happy with the decor. After we asked for the decor fees – you have been harassing us and stating you spoke to our previous clients and they have “experienced the same” and we have tried to scam more money out of them. When asked to have them email us. The only email we have got is you harassing us and no other client has complained about us trying to scam them or taking extra payment for no reason. If you will not stop harassing us and defaming us, we will hire an attorney that you will be paying for according to the contract your husband has signed.

      The contract you are repeatedly harassing us with was the first contract with the decor that we first talked about which you are asking for now. As per the decor not being what you asked for – the contract you are repeatedly sending us screenshots of was sent on January 20th, 2022 which was the first contract we sent. On February 1st, 2022 a REVISED contract was sent which is the final one we agreed upon and was THE ONE SIGNED by YOUR HUSBAND. Therefore, we are not understanding why you are repeating posting reviews stating we did not do the decor as asked for. The contract you are sending us was the first one which we did not agree upon, the SECOND revised contract is the one that was signed and initialed by Faazil. If you are confused, please ask your husband to forward you the emails before attempting to defame us.
      The first contract states “three arches on the stage” and the second one which WAS SIGNED BY YOUR HUSBAND states black fabric with flowers hanging which was done. Everything in the contract was provided, which we can provide pictures of.

      Your decor fees of $400 is still pending, if not provided then we will hire an attorney as per the contract all fees/expenses of the attorney will be sent to you. If you have any further questions, please only contact us via email. Kindly, do not call us without appointment. We have attached the contract that was agreed upon and that was signed by your husband below. Thank you.

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