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  • Trisha
    August 21, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    This a review on Viva Allure Studio. This is about their business ethics and not about the people and their art.

    I booked services and was unable to follow through because of a mutual misunderstanding. The services were booked for two people for hair and makeup and were given deposits of $50 each.

    However, when I asked for my deposit back because they never said it was non-refundable, they started stating policies that were never brought up before the booking and there was no contract in place.

    We both agreed that they could hold on to our deposit to use as credit towards future bookings.

    When I decided to book again and use my deposit credit for a new booking, they decided to state ANOTHER policy that has never been brought to my attention or has been stated anywhere. I wanted to use my $100 credit towards one booking, but they decided to tell me that I could only use $50 of the $100 credit and the remaining amount would be used for a different booking.

    I am just upset that these policies are not written or stated verbally. These policies are reasonable, but I am just frustrated that they were not mentioned or written at all. It is completely unethical and illegal to hold money without verbal and or written agreements.

    The reason for my post is because clients should be aware that businesses are not legally allowed to do this without a verbal and written contract. This business had poor communication skills, that they didn’t even reply to my last message that was sent weeks ago. This is completely unprofessional.

    In our text messages, there is nothing stated. Previously to this discussion, their instagram account did not have the statement “Deposits Non-refundable” on their bio. They recently added that policy to their bio. I have pictures to show the before and after with the time-stamps.

    I am glad that they are making their policies more evident, but it is unfair to make changes/add policies after a client has booked. The purpose of this post is to raise awareness of unethical business behaviour.

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