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  • Sarah
    June 24, 2023 at 10:01 am

    🚨 Buyer Beware: Tandoori Flame🚨

    I would like to share my negative experience at Tandoori Flame. This is a warning to anyone that is thinking of hosting an event at the restaurant.

    We hosted a gathering at Tandoori Flame. They charged us $30 a person for their all inclusive Buffett. We only had 35 guests but they charged us for 50 (which is ok because their minimum is 50 ppl). Plus $300 for room rental.

    My problem with Tandoori Flame is their lack of ethical business practices. On the day of my event, I received a phone call from my brother stating that Tandoori Flame had picked up decor off our tables and placed their drink menus down which don’t have pricing on them. When my brother asked for the drink menus to be picked up, Tandoori flame refused and insisted that we had to keep the drink menus on the table. When my brother picked them up himself, the waiters put them back out. 

    This is where it gets really unethical. When our event started, the waiters came around and asked each guest to choose a drink off the menu. Our guests unexpectedly (believing it’s an all inclusive buffet which included drinks since the prices weren’t listed) ordered off the drink menus. The waiters came around repeatedly and asked for drink orders and refills. One of our guests asked if drinks were included, the waitress said yes.

    I even went up to the floor manager and informed them that we are only paying for the Buffett, and chai/pop, nothing extra. The manager said she understood.

    Once the event was over and guests started leaving, not one waitress came around and provided drink bills to our guests. So our guests rightfully assumed it was all included in the Buffett prices and left the restaurant.

    When we had cleaned up and we were about to leave, Tandoori flame charged us an additional *$500* for all the drinks. We were shocked and informed them that we weren’t going to pay for everyone’s drinks and that it’s the restaurants fault for putting drink menus down without prices and then encouraging waitresses to ask for drink orders and refills. The restaurant refused to budge.

    It’s one thing to forcefully put drink menus down, it’s another to not have pricing. Then on top to charge the host all the drinks is ridiculous. I’ve gone to so many restaurants, where the waitress will give each guest a #, so she can keep track of whose ordered what and sort out the bills at the end.

    I’ve shared the bill so you all can see how much they charged per each drink.

    I had such a terrible experience, felt scammed by Tandoori Flame who knew exactly what they were doing. No wonder they refused us to pick up their drink menus off the tables, because that’s how they squeeze the extra money out of you as hosts.

    Never again.

  • Farah
    June 26, 2023 at 1:00 pm

    We had a very bad experience on family day. Thinking it’s a Monday and lunch time so price will be $22.99 but turned out it was $38 pp even charged $4 for a 6 month old baby as she was using the high chair ended up paying $800+ and when I went back to confront she showed me a paper taped on the right side if the register with tinniest writing “” Holiday, special event and long weekend buffet price will be the same or more than weekend buffet price”” meaning they can charge whatever they want I waited one hour for the manager and the girl at the register kept on saying that manager is not in the building. Worst lunch ever never going back.

  • Punita
    June 29, 2023 at 12:12 am

    They are awful!! What buffet does not include basic drinks.. $4.49 for a fountain pop!!!!
    We want once and haven’t been back.
    My nephew was still in a stroller, roughy one years old, and sound asleep. Upon arrival they refused him sleeping in his stroller. The worker said strollers/car seats were not permitted inside. After exposing the baby was sleeping, They made us sit in their covered areas and didn’t even put the heaters on. Who does that! Food wasn’t that great… selection was basic… And to surprise when we got our bill we were shocked to see our drinks for fountain pop was charged.🤔
    $4.49 is way more than a 2ltre at the stores. They must have a huge mark up! Also you would think for the 20
    Additional ppl they charged you for, they could have comped your drinks and still send the prepared food home with you!

  • MD
    June 29, 2023 at 3:32 am

    So here’s the scoop on my not-so-great grad dinner at Tandoori Flame. We were just a group of 2, each planning to shell out around $37 for the buffet as advertised. You can imagine our surprise when we were slapped with a bill for $49 per person. The reason? $7 bottled water, my friends.

    They casually plonked these high-priced water bottles onto our table without saying a word about the cost. Naturally, we thought they were complimentary, but man, were we mistaken. You’d think they’d mention that kind of thing, right? Nope, not a peep. It was only when the check arrived at our table that we realized the unfortunate truth.

    What’s worse, when we confronted the waiter about the price hike, they simply said it was all taxes and didn’t even mention the bottled water charges. Quite the sly move, don’t you think? We’d have appreciated some honesty instead of feeling like we were tricked.

    I mean, sure, charge for bottled water, no issue there. Businesses need to profit, I get it. But the underhand way of doing it, not being upfront about the cost? That’s just not cool.

    Now, instead of a great graduation memory, I’m left with this sour feeling of being duped. Yeah, the food was decent, but their lack of transparency really put a damper on the whole experience.

    So, here’s a heads-up for future Tandoori Flame visitors – keep a sharp eye out for those hidden costs. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying more than you planned. As for me, I’ve had enough of this place. My grad dinner turned into a total bummer.

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