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  • Fizza
    June 30, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    1. both ladies were so kind, receptive and accommodating to any changes that needed to be made.
    2. The stage setup was very well done (I will insert pictures below).
    Negative experience:
    1. Unfortunately, despite asking for 2 different types of centrepieces, one being a floral arrangement and another one being floating candles in a vase, they only provided the one centrepiece and didn’t communicate this to me before, during or after the event. When I asked them about this later, they stated that in their notes they only wrote down one centre-peice.
    2. The linens on the back couple of chairs were dirty and had stains on them, this was also not communicated to me, and in my opinion not acceptable.
    3. There was tardiness in communication. It was hard to get a hold of them over Instagram so they suggested I text them, but when I would text them it wasn’t any different.
    4. Despite asking both of the ladies to send me a contract I didn’t receive anything.
    5. I had asked for a silver and lilac theme and requested either a white couch or a silver bench on stage. Weeks after our initial conversation, they stated that they did not have a silver bench but would check to see if they had a white couch.
    6. At the end of the night one of the ladies tried to charge me a higher price than what was stated multiple times.
    Overall, this review is not meant to discredit any of the lovely work they have done in the past, but just to make everyone aware of what might possibly happen. If you want to book with them, it’s important to be aware of the above-mentioned points. I would request a contract to be drafted and sent to you before paying the deposit. Make sure you are very clear with your expectations and vision. Lastly, anytime a change is made, ask them to update the contract or whatever document they are using and make sure to keep notes yourself.

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