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  • Anonymous
    June 19, 2022 at 11:19 am

    I am leaving this review here because they do not let anyone post on Google so there are no traces of their work! I hope whoever googles them comes across this post!

    Firstly, the 1 star is for Ubaid at the Canada studio for selling you a beautiful dream. Zero stars for the team & actual designer in Pakistan for service.

    I personally went to look at the sample dress at the studio in Mississauga & carefully detailed Ubaid the customizations I would like to be added. Ofc like a good salesman : NO ISSUES, IT WILL BE DONE. I placed my order on March 23rd, ’22 for it to be delivered IN MY HAND on June 15th, ’22. I am writing this review on 16th June 2022.

    Within the first 24 hrs, I was added to a whatsapp group with his team back in Pakistan, including the “lead designer”. He pointed my customization details & guess what, nobody responded. Okay cool, no issue I didn’t expect them to jump at my order right away. A week later I message for them to send me the fabric color samples which I was promised to pick my shade of mint green I wanted. Again, no response. I felt like I should not be annoying and wait for them to respond. I privately messaged Ubaid and asked him to send the fabric samples and he promised they would be here in a week with next shipment he was supposed to get mid- April.

    April came & went, no communication. I got nervous as soon as May started, so I promptly requested fabric samples & said there was not much time for us to wait & would like to get started on process. They must have noticed my disappointment b/c Ubaid jumped on it right away & got the samples ordered within the next few days from pakistan.

    I am not going to knitt pick on the samples color b/c whatever, I am picking my battles. They included kaam sample which was ALL machine work & I assumed they must have quickly whipped it up just to show me. Mind you the dress in studio had much more hand work than machine work.

    Anyway, I narrowed the color down & was met with more silence in the group. I had to request for progress update because this was middle May and I needed the dress in a months time. WHY SHOULD I BE ANXIOUS ABOUT TIMELINE WHEN THEY’RE THE ONE’S GETTING PAID $$$ FOR IT. Ubaid quickly put up a cute show of saying “YES team My Name we got this order rolling” . Cute.

    The lead designer messages end of last week in May & asks if I wanted to change the fabric from organza to net b/c he thought it would look better. Not an issue BUT WHAT THE HECK! 20 days away from when the dress is due , you want to confirm fabric material? FOR AN INTRICATE A** DRESS? okay, red flags went off in my head.

    A week later I again asked for an update because I was WISHING there would be a nice update like hey look how much we got done because what do I know right? maybe these things do happen fast & they whip up magic out of their little hats. Yet again, no response.

    First week of June , I DROVE to the studio unannounced and asked Ubaid if the dress would be here within next 10 days or so and he said InshaAllah, nothing to worry. Cute. He sure a cutie with his promises.

    Here arrives the week of PROMISED GOLDEN delivery. At this point I was debating on June 14th if I should message them or wait till they message by themselves. Lucky for me THEY MESSAGED ME ON 15TH JUNE w/ wonderful unfinished work still at a workshop somewhere in Pakistan. The pictures I will be surely sharing here. They’re a must see.
    Uzair bhai the lead designer takes so much pride and joy in his work and does not want you to call his work garbage, so I guess you must admire his work. Work of ripped art- like picasso! Oh apparently this is not his final quality control product as of June 16, so don’t judge him. $4,300 for this master piece.

    I’ve a flight to catch early July for my wedding & this wonderful team wants me to trust them for next 2 weeks to send me a dress of my dreams. You know the magic they weren’t able to do in last 3 ish months, they about to do it now.

    I demanded refund, and no shock – they are true their words+”contract” and don’t refund! because they are so honest to their words and promises you know.

    Update: I received my refund in exchange of deleting my reviews but I had a friend in my city reach out to tell me they have done exact same thing before to another friend – ripped fabric and poor quality with embroidery. So for purposes of ethics + accountability I am leaving this review up.

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