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  • A B
    June 19, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    Do not hire Rtr Decor. Firstly, he will tell you that his past employees were horrible and ruined his company’s public image. I found this to be strange. Robin, who is the owner of RTR Decor showed up on Monday, June 10 to set up our decor at 8:15 pm at night (when we agreed for 1 pm). We had an event on Tuesday, June 11 at 3 pm so he arrived a couple hours before to finish the job.
    4/12 white table cloths had chai/orange stains on them so we were forced to purchase our own from the store.
    The real nightmare began when Robin gave me multiple missed calls during the wedding ceremony. Robin apparently was outside my house ready to pick up our decorations early. We agreed pick up day to be on Monday, June 17.
    So after explaining to him that no one is home and we are at the wedding he said no worries. When we reached home with our bride we noticed all of our front door decorations were gone. I immediately texted Robin and his excuse was there must of been a miscommunication as another girl from
    Surrey called to have decorations removed LOL!
    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • SB
    June 27, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    For decor we hired Rtr Decor. He decorated Fraserview hall for our engagement party and he was late that he was still decorating when my husbands family showed up. Our backdrop was beautiful but was so close behind our chairs there was no room for people to come up and the lights were so low people would have hit their heads so my husband and photographer had to raise them. You could also see previous backdrop behind ours which I discussed with the hall and they said they were told to leave it by our decor company.
    For house decor my husbands dad had to be firm with his team because it appeared as though they did not know what they were doing. It appeared that the team was not told what backdrop he wanted. The team was supposed to be at my house on my mehndi day at 2pm. My mehndi started at 5 and his team showed up at 830. My bridesmaids had to do major damage control because the team brought the wrong colors. When my bridesmaids discussed with the 2 ladies that they were the wrong colors they started to laugh as though they didn’t care. Robin had to be called and he finally came to do my backdrop st 9pm. He did not bring the chase to sit on in front of my backdrop and my backdrop in my garage for my choora ceremony was not done until THURSDAY 15min before I was about to start my choora.
    My ladies party was the Wednesday and I was nervous to see if it would look how I wanted. It ended up being exactly what I wanted so I was happy about that.
    The wedding morning I had to make sure Robin and his team were on time as I did not want them to be decorating as my guests show up. The temple was decorated exactly how I wanted.
    The biggest issue I had with them was for my reception. We hired decibel for our djs, they had to extend the stage for our setup. I had notified Robin of this way in advance so that he would be able to decorate accordingly. I told Robin that he would have to take the decor down halfway through so that our DJ set up could be seen.
    Robin called me at 11 and told me he was at the hall and that the djs were setting up so he would come and finish later. After that I did not hear from him. I was ready to leave the hotel at 5pm when I got a call from Amy who told me that my backdrop and decor was not done. I called Robin and he kept stating he was on his way and that he would be there in 20mins. So u called Amy back and she said she would stay until he showed up. At 530 he still was not there and my guests were expected at 6. At 545 he showed up and started to decorate. Amy tried to talk to the hall to ask if they could shut the doors and keep people downstairs for a while until he was done but only family was able to do that. Luckily, my husbands aunt got there early and was able to help with damage control. As guests started to come in they had to be kept downstairs of the hall for a cocktail hour until the team was done decorating. This technically was not a cocktail hour but we had no choice. Finally we arrived and I saw the backdrop it was not what I asked for. It was half the job. Everyone said it was a nice backdrop, which it was, but it was not what I had initially agreed on. I was not 100% pissed only because the decor was going to be taken down for the djs. When I spoke to Robin about the decor after the fact he said he did not have enough room to do what I wanted but he did not tell me this when he first saw it. If he did then we could have changed it to something else. After I realized he was decorating a different hall at the same time because he posted both pictures to his Instagram. He had 2 jobs on the same day and he didn’t give us 100% for my decor. I was so upset and panicking the moment I left the hotel until i got to the hall.
    After taking everything down ie house and tent decor he kept calling my father in law for the remaining balance. My Father in law told him we still had guests and he will call him in a few days. We were so turned off and dissatisfied with the job we did not pay the remaining as we felt he did not deserve it. I would not recommend rtr decor because of the unprofessionalism from the entire team. I should be able to trust and rely on my vendors and not be calling them an hour before my reception to see why they arent there.

    I was also on Instagram one day as I wanted to see more of his work and after discussing and verifying with others, I figured out that he blocked me. Not sure as to why when I hadn’t even done a review yet….

  • HB
    July 1, 2019 at 9:45 am

    My brother got married In August. We had great experiences with all but 1. Rtr decor. Here is the review in a nutshell if you want more details pm me.
    He’s horrible he will promise you the world but won’t deliver. Our tent went up Monday he was suppose to come Tuesday at 10 I called him at 2 and he didn’t even recall our booking then said I’ll be there at 6. Never came said next day will come at 11. Wed was our sangeet he was to set up a sitting area as we hired a lady to do songs and boliyan never showed up. We paid the lady for pretty much nothing. I was yelling at him all day. Showed up at 6 with no supplies said he was having chest pains his truck broke million excuses. Then said he would come back at 6 am the next day. Next day was my brother’s miyaan his 2 workers teenagers came at 11. Did 1 shitty back drop and used table clothes that had food all over them. Took 4 hrs to do that. Then said we need to go back to new West get more stuff. I flipped shit at which point his worker even said he promises everything but has nothing and she told him to stop taking contracts but he won’t listen. She told me he asked them to take used table cloths for our tent and put them on the tables. Then she refused to come back. I called him and he said I should hire someone else. I had Raj from Abby decor even helping me communicate with him. She ended up saving us and doing our decor. I still have all his stuff he used and it’s sitting in my parents storage waiting for him to give us our money. And at the end he told me its cause he has 2 autistic kids. Our makeup artist heard the whole conversation if you want verification of any of this. And he said that to the wrong person cause I work with kids with Autism. He will ruin your day do NOT hire him. And while I was having these comversations with him he was doing consults with potential clients and kept hanging up on me and during 1 conversation he even asked me to not yell as his future clients might hear.

  • B Rehman
    July 2, 2019 at 12:54 am

    Worst experience ever with him last month. Hired him to do mine and brides houses for back drop and entrance.

    At first he kept postponing the setup dates. Finally showed up to my house with completely different stuff from what we had agreed on… Blamed us for the color choice, once showed him the conversation, he replied by saying “oh this is on my other decor at a hall I will have it back tomorrow”.

    Then he promised to set everything right the next day but didn’t even show up till I called him at 7:30pm (night before events) and said he is going to Abby and he will show up at midnight to do my house and then 1am to do the bride’s… I reminded him about the contract and Robin replied with ” I don’t give a s**t, do what the f*** you want to do. I don’t give a daym about any reviews!” We were lucky to get our deposit back but couldn’t get our backdrops and entrances done as we didn’t have anytime….


  • Nav
    July 2, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    Posting for my cousin

    I would strongly advise against hiring RTR decor. Robin showed up to my house at 845 pm to do our house decor when he originally said he would get in touch around 11 am. Everytime I called he would say I’m just finishing up and am on my way. This was stressful as my wedding events were starting the next morning but he ended up doing a nice job. However, the real nightmare was the day of my ladies sangeet. I asked him to have everything ready by 430 pm as the event started at 6pm. My brother showed up at the hall at 4 pm to check and he was nowhere to be found. The hall owners said he only put up the stage. The entrance backdrop/table weren’t done, there were no centerpieces and the stage itself was hideous. The stage was bright yellow/purple/green when clearly I had shown him a photo with emeralds/purples/golds. He wouldn’t pick up my brother’s call so as I was being driven there I called him. He acted surprised that there were no centerpieces and said in the photo I sent him the stage colors looked yellow. I advised him to please get back ASAP and finish the job and change the yellow out for gold. I arrived at 6 pm and some guests were already coming. He changed the stage but the centerpieces and entry weren’t done. By 620 finally some centerpieces but not what I wanted were placed. The hall had to help with the entrance table. Luckily the night turned out to be fun but Robin definitely did a terrible job and the decor wasn’t what I wanted. And then for our reception my sister in law had to deal with his antics. Apparently he blamed the hall for taking his stuff and locking it up so he said he couldn’t do the entrance walk way as we wanted. The centerpieces were not right either. This is after my husband and I had met up with him at least 4 times prior to the wedding week. I had also clearly given him thoroughly written notes of exactly what we had agreed to. He didn’t do the job right and created chaos and stress for everyone involved. I’ve never written a negative review before but I thought this should be out there for future couples. Our wedding week was amazing and there are so many positive memories. All of our other vendors were fantastic, but Robin certainly did not do his job properly.

  • poohie09
    July 24, 2019 at 9:59 am

    Robin bought items from me as I operated a wedding event business and due to kids I was selling my entire stock. He told me he would buy it. This was back in sept 2018. It’s now end of July and I have only received $600 worth of payment. ($8500 was the orginal payment). He has had excuses about everything. Bad staff. Students he hired broke his stuff. His kids is ill. Clients not paying up. Banquet halls won’t hire him. No events etc. if you are operating a business and take 10 months to pay $600. You should be closed.

    Now he has blocked me on IG, FB and everything. We have agreed to only make payments for $1100. I don’t wait till I am dead for him to buy all my supplies. So he still owes me $600 and won’t pay up.

    I found a fb group people are complaining about his delayed work. Showing up early to take down stuff wtc. They are thinking of suing him. So be weary to hire someone who is this shady and can’t provide customer service at all

  • RM
    September 2, 2019 at 9:02 pm

    We had our wedding this past weekend. We hired RTR (Robin) to decorate our tent, 2 looks for 3 days, and to decorate our outdoor wedding ceremony held at Minoru Park, and to also decorate our reception hall. He was AMAZING. I couldn’t ask for a better decorator. He is very meticulous with his work. All of our guests were in awe for all 4 looks. I showed him what I liked from his previous jobs and had asked him to add his extra touch. After all, he’s the decorator and he knows what looks good – not me. If I did, I would just decorate myself. Overall outstanding company to hire for your decor, and excellent customer service as well. I couldn’t ask for anyone else to decorate.

    Ps all the reviews above are clearly from a single wedding event so please don’t base your judgment off of one “bad” experience.

  • Lucinian
    January 2, 2020 at 6:05 pm

    This isn’t exactly a membership. If you want to use RTR as it was originally intended for (to rent a piece for a wedding or event), this is their new fancy name for it.

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