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  • Rishu
    September 11, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    I highly urge everyone to avoid this tent company. I’ve had the worst experience. My shower was supposed to start at 1pm but the tent people didn’t show up until then. I had requested them to be completed by 11am but they didn’t arrive until my shower had to start. My friends were waiting for the tent to be set up so they could put up the decor. We tried to delay the shower but we had some guests arrive and it was embarrassing. They also tried to tell us they would comp some of the add-ons but ended up charging and adding things we had not asked for. Last minute they tried to add on money for things we had not asked for. Their stage was not stable and had to provide the decor company with tools and equipment to fix it. We had asked for the tents to be removed AFTER the wedding and at least after the Doli but in the middle of the wedding ceremony they were power calling my phone to take down the tents when everyone was at the temple for my wedding. Highly unprofessional, very stressful.

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