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  • Raji
    August 30, 2023 at 4:26 pm

    Avoid this place for alterations! I bought my reception gown from here – fit me like a glove. All it needed was to have the straps raised a little and hemmed at the bottom. The woman who does the alterations here completely butchered it!!! She’s had 3 chances to fix it and it just got worse and worse. At the initial fitting, there was 6.5 inches of fabric touching the ground, and the netted piece that was laying over it, approximately 4.5 inches on the ground. I forget the exact measurements, but the point is, the fabric underneath was longer than the fabric on top. Second visit – she only temporarily stitched the straps, but had already hemmed the bottom so much so it was uneven and at least an inch off the ground on some sides. The back of the gown was touching the ground, but the sides and front were not. I was so unhappy with it. She told me she would fix it to however I wanted to make sure I was happy with it. I trusted her and gave her another shot. Third visit – Still a botched job. The back wasn’t touching the ground, but the front was, and the sides were not. I said it VERY CLEARLY – “I want the bottom fabric to be about 2.5 inches on the ground, and the netted fabric to be about 2; so that it still looks the way before you altered it, just shorter.” Today – The length was good, but it wasn’t until I noticed that the fabric underneath wasn’t long enough; in fact, it was completely off the ground by at least 1.5 inches. She had made it even shorter than the netted fabric that was on top. When I told her what she did wrong, she said I had told her I wanted it this way. When I asked her why I would, she says” I don’t know dear.” Not only does this woman have no idea how to do do any alterations, but she doesn’t give a flying shit about customer satisfaction. I had to walk out before I started crying. I have never met someone so incompetent and unskilled. Complete waste of time and money. I had my heart set on this outfit and now it just hurts to look at it. Avoid at all costs!

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