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  • Pav Khangura
    December 4, 2021 at 7:53 pm

    I am posting on behalf of my sister. Priya’s Salon is absolutely horrible. She used PERMANENT marker on her face. My sister had asked the lady that helped her (SHIVANI) to remove it before she left and she tried then told her to go home and wash her face. My sister tried scrubbing it off and then googled how to remove it and nothing worked. When she went back to complain the owner was like we don’t use permanent and couldn’t find it – clearly SHIVANI got rid of it as my sister didn’t see it there anymore either. My sister called me bawling and having a panic attack as she has to go to work tomorrow as well but more importantly she can’t go to a holiday get together tonight because of this. Her skin is currently too sensitive for make up after the laser and trying home remedies to get rid of it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go here!

    Update: her skin is actually burned where the marker was. Laser attracts black and it burned her skin. The owner confirmed that with my sister. She did text to apologize

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