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  • Kajal
    September 8, 2021 at 9:59 am

    highly recommend

  • Courtney Kalman
    September 4, 2022 at 9:14 am

    We hired pretty in pink management to tend bar at our wedding this past weekend and it was Andrea. We had a terrible experience. I hope no other bride has to deal with this company.

    First, she showed up late even though we had discussed her arriving early to set up before the wedding reception. We had a line up of people at the bar with no bartender before she even arrived. She also said she was arriving with a complete bar set up with cups and martini shakers as our signature drink was a martini.
    Andrea did not bring nearly enough cups to the event and was telling guests to keep their plastic cups. She was free pouring all the martinis and was not even using all the ingredients that were laid out for her.

    The biggest issue we had was we agreed on either a prepaid tip in advance or a tip jar. We decided on a prepaid tip from us so our wedding guests would not have to tip. Andrea asked us how she would approach guests who wanted to tip her anyways. We simply told her to tell guests that the bride and groom were taking care of gratuity. This is not uncommon at all with weddings, and was already agreed upon in an email that we would pay the tip in advance. She then took tips throughout the night and ended up leaving with a large tip jar including multiple bills.. we had a toonie bar. I can’t help but assume she took money from our cash made from the bar and helped herself.

    I am only writing this review because this was one of the most important days of our lives and we feel so taken advantage of. Such unprofessional and shady service and I hope no other bride has to deal with this company or wage their money on this terrible experience. I asked for my original tip back and was ignored.

    I hope other brides read this and DO NOT HIRE this company.

    • Andrea D'Souza
      March 10, 2023 at 12:52 pm

      Hi Courtney,

      Thank you for the review.

      Prior to anyone reading this I want to point out that I had made MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS to organize a phone call with Courtney as I prefer to not discuss matters of this over text (which seemed to be your choice of communication) so you were not ignored as you claim you were. I would like to address it from our point as well so that anyone reading this knows there are two sides to the story.

      I do apologize we were running late as you had requested us to pick up ice prior to the event and for some reason there was a shortage of ice at the stores causing a delay. When I got to the event I was then told there was ice which you did not advise me of which would have definitely saved time that day grabbing ice prior to the event. You did not compensate me for the ice pick up which was also agreed upon in our email which is a violation of our contract terms as all expenses are to be compensated by the client. You told me I would be paid for this and in good faith I trusted you and didn’t ask for this til after the shift.

      To address the second claim we did bring everything mentioned in our bar set up as agreed upon in the contract so I am a bit confused as to where the claim about us not coming prepared with everything is coming from. For the cups I did bring 500 cups as you had 100 guests and a lot of the drinks were just cans being opened so there would be no need for cups as most of the guests were just taking the cans. I do apologize for the shortage of this. I also brought a cash box along as you requested which is not a part of the items we usually bring for events as client usually provide this if they are doing a cash bar. If you have solid evidence of me not coming prepared I would be happy to see any photos/claims of this. Everything was measured while being poured as we need to follow Serving it Right guidelines and drinks were not being free poured so once again I am not sure where the claims are coming from.

      To bring up another point, the room I was stationed in was supposed to be for my use only due to liquor being served and others were not supposed to be coming in. Your catering staff continuously came in the room which was something that shouldn’t have been happening as this was per your venue’s instructions.

      In regards to the tip jar issue there was no physical tip jar kept out as you had requested (once again if this claim is true please feel free to send over any photos of your claim). As you and I had an agreement about guests not tipping as per our contract it is YOUR responsibility to advise your guests to not tip, we simply cannot be held responsible for this as the bar gets very busy and if a customer continues to insist we take a tip I can’t hold the line up to go back and forth with them unfortunately. I did mention to guests what you had advised not to tip and they still insisted on tipping so at that point we are not going to go back and forth and hold up the line. While I was serving the guests they told me my service was very good hence why I assume they were giving tips. I talked to you during the evening and you did not bring up any issues with the service and as a part of aour contract terms if there are any issues during the event it is the client’s responsibility to bring them to my attention. You did not bring up any issues so I assumed you were happy at the time with the service. I also do not appreciate you accusing me of theft and I would like to see any photos/video proof of me taking money from the cash box that you claim I took.

      Due to the issue of my late arrival at your event and the cup shortage I would have been happy to provide some kind of compensation less the ice charge that you did not pay back. If you have any other concerns I would be happy to address this through a phone call and not via text.

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