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  • Manika
    July 22, 2023 at 1:18 pm

    Out of all of my vendors she is the worst lying disrespectful person to work with. Let’s start with the fact she sent my wedding outfit a week before my wedding. She actually thought she sent it a day before my wedding but luckily I told her a date as a week prior. I told her I needed it mid May at the latest. She had over 6 months to send me my bridal outfit but started making it the week before and sent me messages saying I am lying and I only need it a week before. She made my wedding 100x times more stressful and then laughed at me when I was stressed out saying “why do all brides put their problems on me” like yes you are the root cause of the problem because you don’t send the items on time and don’t refund any money if they don’t arrive on time.
    She gaslights the whole situation and turns everything around as the customers fault. I had to harass her for my outfit.

    She even did a photoshoot the day before sending it, with my exact same outfit then posted it on social media channels.. dry cleaned it apparently and then sent it from Jaipur not Mumbai as it said on the tracking. She said it was her “right” because it’s apart of her new collection. So she lied from the beginning saying that each design is custom to the bride. Not to mention someone wearing it before …

    To top it off she sent me the wrong sizing and the outfit was way too long it was made for a 5”10 model on me 5”4 it was way too long and I had no choice to just wear it uncomfortably and the blouse was completely off with a large seam with hooks on the back. I was almost tripping doing my lava. Not to mention it was so heavy because of the cancan which I had to pay more to a tailor to fix because the one she sent smelled of intoxicating chemicals and was so uncomfortable hard when she told me it would be soft and fluffy…

    Complete lies I would advise anyone to not use this brand for anything she is a scammer and will put you through hell to get your outfit on time. I know she opened a Canadian channel of distribution recently but I still would highly advise against it. If you have questions feel free to msg me.

    I have all screenshots with all the shipping labels and photos of her messages to prove this post is real and she is already sending me messages on WA about it trying to intimidate me.

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