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  • Sukhman
    August 25, 2022 at 1:52 pm

    We hired Prabhjot 6 months before our wedding date and the only thing my husband and I regret is not hiring her sooner in the wedding planning process!

    Services we hired Prabhjot for include:
    Booking remaining vendors

    – She worked with both of us to understand our vision and budget. From there on she emailed various vendors on our behalf and presented back options. She also negotiated prices with vendors and read through contracts to ensure they included everything we spoke about. She kept track of all contracts organized in google drive so it was easy to keep track of and reference in the future.

    Main point of contact for vendors

    – Prabhjot was the main point of contact for all of our vendors. Whenever we had any questions or changes for a vendor it would go through her and she would contact the vendor. She also reached out to all the vendors a month, and week before the wedding to ensure everything was ready to go for the wedding week. In addition, she kept track of the payment schedule for each vendor and prompted us when they needed to be paid. She also created a Wedding Week Schedule for our families and vendors.

    Day of coordination (Wedding & Reception)

    – Having Prabhjot available for day of coordination was amazing because she was able to ensure our events were on schedule, everyone was updated on what was happening and any last minute troubleshooting.Our vendors couldn’t stop speaking about how well organized communication/events were throughout the week!

    Overall, having Prabhjot around took a load off myself (the bride) giving me extra time to enjoy my events and focus my energy on other aspects of the wedding. I was able to focus on staying in shape, choosing my outfits/jewelry etc. instead of waiting for vendors to email me back and so on.

    I was beyond grateful to work with Prabhjot I would definitely suggest reaching out to her to see if she is the right fit for you.

    PS. She can work with you to provide services within your budget!

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