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  • Baljit
    August 22, 2021 at 7:03 pm

    I was extremely disappointed in this hall. We had gone in a week prior to the reception, and we told the owner that our numbers are small compared to the previous contract due to the covid (our orginall wedding was suppose to be in 2020). He agreed and told us that it would be half the price. A few days before the reception the owner called my mother in law and told her he double booked the hall, and doubled the price for us. We honestly don’t think the hall was double booked at all, and we talked to him to try to attempt to lower the price, and even find a new hall last minute, we were not able to do so, so we had to pay the new price. The night of, the pop was flat, and my dance floor was dirty before the dancing even began (my feet were black just from walking on the floor). We were also not provided the number of servers that were agreed upon, and the owner kept turing the bar lights off and that made alot of people assume the bar was closed. We had also discussed having a a late reception, as I enjoy music and dancing, to which he agreed to, and then night of he kept harrassing my parents, mother in law and the DJ that the party needs to end at 11:30. My Dj thankfully took our side and we enjoyed till our heart was content. I’ve heard that this hall is now sold to become something new, but before it’s gone and you’re thinking of booking of this place, I extremely advise you not to.

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