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  • Nisha
    November 10, 2023 at 11:55 am

    Now on to Nalini Maharaj (@nalinimaharaj), she did my hair and makeup for my mehndi event and I was in love. Nalini has done my makeup many times before, including my pre-wedding
    shoot and bridal shower and she NEVER disappoints. I am always in love with my looks and always happy to spend time with her as she is so genuine!! Nalini also did some of my bridesmaids the morning of the wedding and literally saved the day for my sister in law, as the makeup artist my SIL had booked was unable to do her hair and Nalini did not even hesitate to step up and stay longer just to help, she was an actual life saver and we are so grateful for her. Nalini is literally my go to for hair and makeup! I just met Nalini last summer when she did my hair and makeup for a family event, and I had already booked my bridal artist by then but if I had known of her before she would have been my go-to!

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