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    August 28, 2022 at 2:36 am

    Makeup: 5/5. Mitasha and her team know makeup well.
    Hair: 3/5. Was told that my hair was styled differently than what I asked for because what I asked for wasn’t “bridal” according to the hair stylist. Didn’t realize that wasn’t my call to make, given it was my wedding.
    Customer service: 2/5. Mitasha made an error on our contract. I flagged it multiple times in the room while we were getting ready, but was pacified each time. It wasn’t until I was on my way up to the venue that she admitted to the error, and instead of fixing it, refused to start makeup on the person she omitted until I paid first. Our total service was well over $3k and she was doing makeup at the Four Seasons. To assume I was going to rip them off for $125 when I had paid for everything else in advance and kept trying to fix the problem is terrible customer service. I was in the mountains with spotty service when this conversation was happening via text so my mother, who I was treating to hair and makeup, had to pay it herself.
    On time: 2/5. My bridal makeup and hair wasn’t finished until an hour after I was supposed to be ready. So I was an hour late to my own wedding.

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