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  • Anonymous
    June 28, 2023 at 5:54 pm

    One thing I would say as a small critique for Lucky Studios would only be replies and timing. For example, with their photobooths they provided me with a boomerang booth as well as a portrait booth. They photos were stunning and they were a hit with the guests! A great keepsake. However, I was able to access boomerang photos right away but had to wait for them to provide me with a link for the portrait booth photos. After they had provided me with the photobooth link, I was told that I would receive wedding day photo previews in “the next few days” which I was excited about because I hadn’t asked because I knew they would take awhile. But this sentence made me super stoked. So I waited, and it wasn’t until 6 weeks later they sent the previews. I wish they wouldn’t have communicated and said “in a few days” at all. I completely understand they were out of town, have other events, etc. I had no problem waiting even longer, just wish they didn’t make it sound like it would be sent in a few days. When we booked, we didn’t receive a proper contract that stated an actual date or deadline we would have our photos by – but that’s something I take responsibility for on my end. However, all in all the photos are simply breathtaking and they’re very talented photographers (they previously worked for Brellow) and have a lot of desi wedding experience. I would still recommend them! I would just encourage you to make sure you have a proper contract in place with explicit dates. They’re really flexible with payment options, payment dates, and bring a great energy and vibe to your day.

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