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  • Shinaaz
    October 12, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    Lovely cloth house in Payal Business center has A LOT of very nice plus size lenghas and other styles!!! Good selection for plus size tall women. I’m 6ft and was able to find something long enough.

  • Rishu
    September 11, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    Everyone at Lovely Bridal went above and beyond helping me find my Bridal outfit after a hiccup I had with another designer.

    They thoroughly asked what I was looking for and pulled many pieces for me to try and then helped me narrow it down to a few choices. They even stayed beyond their close time to allow my mom to come in and help me finalize my piece.
    They were also sweet enough to do my alterations very quickly and even told me I could come in the week before if I needed any more adjustments.
    Their customer service was above and beyond what I experienced and they honestly made me feel at ease and the kindness they showed was very appreciated

  • Jasmeet
    June 13, 2022 at 9:44 am

    I came to Lovely fashion as a random stop. But fell in love with this place. Every single person who works here gives you the attention and amazing customer service. They were sooo accommodating with my tight schedule. Everything went very smoothly with my outfits.
    They have such great selection with both bridal and non bridal outfits.
    Definitely a place to check out!

  • Amneet
    July 11, 2022 at 5:55 pm

    Hello everyone ! I wanted to give Lovely Bridal in Payal Business Center a review ! So my fiancé and I shopped around in Payal Business Center and we didn’t get the service these guys gave us anywhere else ! Karen Aunty and Bunty Uncle were the most accommodating and patient people I have met in the wedding industry. Not only did they give real delivery times but also provided honest feedback on the look I was trying to create for my engagement and wedding. I must have gone through majority of their bridal pieces before I decided on one of the outfits. But not once did they get frustrated or ignore me. In fact, they stayed after hours to help me with my selection to make sure I was happy and stress free on my big day.

    Bunty Uncle treated me like his own family and made sure that I wasn’t even slightly disappointed with any aspect of my engagement outfit. The fit was perfect and the colour was exactly what I wanted. Karen Aunty is a visionary. If you TELL her an inspiration, you don’t even need to show it to her, you just need to tell her, and she’ll make it come to life!. Her knowledge and feedback is from experience and her honesty is a cherry on top.

    For the our wedding outfits, lovely bridal went above and beyond for my outfit and my fiancés outfit. My fiancé got his outfit custom
    made and everything was included in the price with his shoes, jewelry, shawl, kirpan,and turban. Also, their prices are very reasonable. I was honestly sick of the prices some of these vendors charge, along with their snobby attitudes. If you are looking for a bridal shop that not only gives you service but also gives you quality bridal wear, lovely bridal is a MUST to check out. I think they are such an underrated shop for bridal wear but absolutely the best place ever. They treat each bride with so much care and ensure her experience will be smooth with them ! Highly recommended !

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