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  • Rajdeep
    August 30, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    Original Issue:
    Issue resolution: NONE- Wasted my time and did not even resolve it, does not reply now.
    I posted a review a few weeks before about how I was charged $700 for very simple designs, and the artist only did 5 people for non-bridal mehndi in 7 hours. We had booked Komal (who mentioned at the time of booking that she does 20-25 hands in an hour) but day of the event she sent Lovedeep, who took 7 hours to finish 5 people (out of which two people had full hands and 3 people hand one hand simple veils on the outside only). When reading the review Komal did get back to me and we talked, there were some inconsistencies in information in my review which I have updated in the original review now (it doesn’t change anything for the original issue though). Komal said the whole issue (getting charged for 7 hours for 5 people – non-bridal) could have been sorted, had we not paid Lovedeep the full amount at the end of the event and had we called her right away so she could have honored the price she gave us ($90/hour and doing 20-25 designs in an hour). I did not want to create any scene at the event or keep Lovedeep waiting and I wanted to just enjoy my night. So I paid her for those 7 hours as she asked me so she could go home and I thought I would sort this after the wedding. Komal mentioned that since she is not the one who came and we already paid full to Lovedeep, she can only refund me $200 from her own pocket as she did not make any money off that booking. I asked her if she can also ask Lovedeep to pitch in extra $100 or so, and I messaged Lovedeep as well and she told me she will discuss with Komal. Komal asked me to call her back in a week or so (as she was going for surgery), I gave it enough time and messaged Komal, she never replied, so I called her and she finally answered but said she was busy and to call her at a different time. I even called her at the time she told to, but she did not answer. I messaged Lovedeep too and no response from her as well (whatsapp looks like she has blocked me).
    I had asked Komal how would she justify spending that much time for 5 people and she herself agreed that it was not fair to be charged for 7 hours doing non-bridal on 5 people. When we paid about $1000 for other henna artists to finish the other ladies.
    I cannot understand how Komal can take “NO responsibility” of her own team when we booked her and she sent Lovedeep. And Komal said she charges $90/hr and does 20-25 hands in an hour but it took 7 hours to do simple designs on 5 people (14 simple designs in total). So according to the quote she gave 14 simple designs should have been done within in an hour, and let’s say even if they want to argue that those designs weren’t too simple (I have photos of all), I would still be ok if they charged me for three hours (which would be equivalent to 60-75 designs as per the quote) but 7 hours does not make any sense.
    So Komal just wasted my time trying to resolve the issue when she did not have any intention refunding me anything. I would like her to read this review and understand, if you give someone a price, you should honor it and if there is some miscommunication and you promised to resolve then you should keep the promise to refund the money. Please do not waste people’s time asking them to call at different times when you are not even gonna return the call.

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