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    June 19, 2019 at 5:34 pm

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    This is a long one.. So I had read many negative reviews about Khan studios and was concerned so I reached out to him, he assured me that everything will be okay and that he will give me my photos on time and will show up to all events. We had already given a 50% deposit already and didn’t want to lose out on that plus he seemed genuine when we met to talk about it so we stayed with him. He was also accommodating when I had let him know we basically are cutting one big day out and taking out all our videography, he had mended the contract to what the 50% deposit was (so technically it is paid in full before the events).

    Mehndi day – he showed up on time and was doing his job, he was nice but he didn’t seem to enjoy it? I say that because Ive met many different photographers and they were all so friendly and excited, but he didn’t seem to excited it just seemed like a job to him, which is totally cool that’s why I hired you – to do your job but a little bit of excitement wouldn’t hurt!

    Wedding day (2 photographers this day) – Kashan Khań had an hour with me before the hall which he showed up on time and everything was good, At the hall the second photographer came down and let me know Kashan had left, he didn’t really know why thought it may be some sort of emergency but might come back. So im pretty furious considering now there’s only 1 photographer and he didn’t even tell me hes going. Half way through the night I checked in with 2nd photographer (Preet, which I must say was GREAT!) to see if Kashan came back he said that his assistant had came and taken his things so no it doesn’t look like hes coming back. TILL THIS DAY I have not heard a single effing thing from kashan. Called, texted, emailed NOTHING. He said I would get my pictures in 20 days – I already knew that was bullshit, it takes some time and I understand but ATLEAST answer my calls or respond to me and let me know what happened that night. I completely understand if he had an emergency but he could have sent me a text or even walk by me (considering he had to in order to leave the building) to let me know is frustrating, and even now not contacting me and completely avoiding me is very UNPROFESSIONAL. Its been almost a month since the wedding and no word from him. Also this doesn’t even mention how many effin emails I have to send to him to just to get a damn question answered and to receive the revised contract which he said he would give me the night we met but I didn’t receive it until the week before the wedding (and this is after multiple emails, texts). He is T H E WORST with communication.
    Ill keep this updated if I hear back from him.

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