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  • Harjit
    September 1, 2022 at 1:20 pm

    the only bad review I have. She cancelled on me two days before my pre-wedding event. Long story short- I had booked her for April 20th but when she sent me her contract her faulty contract did not have a pre-wedding event date but instead stated: Wedding date. So of course being a bride I wrote my wedding date not realizing the mistake. After I signed the contract I messaged her stating I need to change my date via email and to this, she told me no problem I will do it. Now fast forward to April 18th two days before my event, her assistant messaged and asked for the remaining balance prior to the makeup date. At this point, I asked the assistant about the date mix up and she told me to speak to Jaeda directly. I frantically messaged Jaeda asking about the date confirmation, as I was going through my emails to verify my date. After I found my confirmation email I texted her again and said you had confirmed the new date. To this, she stated that her google calendar does not have that date and it is my fault. Two days before my event…fast forward to the end of the conversation she returned half my deposit and kept $100. I was extremely disappointed with her service. She told me she was unable to attend the event due to personal reasons and said mistakes were made on both ends. She was not pleasant to deal with and did not offer to help find a replacement artist. She left me strangling to find someone last minute. Any future brides dealing with her please read the contract very carefully.

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