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    December 24, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to post my experience with @instaballoon I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. They were super late for my 10:30/11 set up window and arrived at 11:45. My sons first bday started at noon. When they arrived they started filling up balloons of the wrong colour. I specifically asked for orange, blue and brown. I even saw them put in pink and had to ask them to take those out. The language barrier made it even more difficult. Our photographer was planned to come earlier so we could get family pictures before starting but that wasn’t possible because the garland wasn’t set up.

    Meanwhile it was past noon now, they were still putting the garland together and guests started to arrive. Communication is very poor. They claimed they were lost but as a company be prepared and get directions. Also when I spoke with Andrea the next day outlining my dissatisfaction she made the excuse they were lost. In terms of colours she also said they cant get exact matches. How does pink fit in for brown, orange and blue? It was obvious they were ill prepared and had a number of excuses. The top picture is the garland colours & style I wanted and the bottom is what I got. They used strange wispy red in place of brown. They had NO brown balloons with them and like I said came unprepared without the right supplies. We also had to move our HBD banner (12:15 by now) as it was now misaligned. Imagine still look like your putting up decorations as guests start to arrive.

    Just warning people to be diligent when/if hiring them. A friend of mine already gave a deposit for a wall and now is very nervous. Our event was so well received and we had everything organized so well. They put a damper and unnecessary stress on us up until the garland was up. I was relieved it was up but looked nothing like it was supposed to.

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