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  • Nalini
    August 30, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    Simranjit did a beautiful job on the bridal mendi I had booked her for ealier this month. However, she didn’t communicate what she was doing, therefore, I was unaware of how much detail she was adding. I messaged her and we had landed on $330 for the mehendi amount. Day came and again I reminded her of my budget and simple details. She agreed but at some point, without consulting me, she started adding more details, again, without informing me that it would cost more.
    When I got the email from her for payment, the total was $500! Granted $75 went towards my MIL mehendi, I got mehendi to my ankle and a little past my wrist. When I emailed Simrin to ask why it was so much and why she didn’t tell me during the night she said that it was because so many people were complimenting the work and talking to me that she didn’t want to bother me!
    To say the least, she gave me a $50 discount, which is terrible since I didn’t agree with the charge. She also said she did more detailed design on my feet, which added to the price, but again after I had told her for a simple design. 2 weeks later, I emailed her twice for the pictures she took of the mehendi the day of and she isn’t replying.

    Be aware of the lack of communication and upcharging with Hennabymannat It’s unfortunate she chooses to not fully listen to customers wishes and requests. It made me feel disheartened this happened at the start of my wedding week.

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