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  • Rajleen
    September 20, 2022 at 7:08 pm

    Three of us had our hair and makeup done by Havana studios. Her and sister seemed to be a perfect team until my makeup literally melted off for my sisters Jago event. When it was first done it looked good but slowly the makeup came off my upper lip and my nose.

    During the entire process she kept saying ”it shouldn’t melt off” but it did…

    The amount of times I had to re concealer my face was horrible. It definitely didn’t last all night. I definitely wasn’t feeling myself…

    Also I was doing a dance performance and my prandi literally flew out of my hair..

    The other two also experienced their makeup coming off and one of them had to cut their hair because it was so tangled.

    If you want your makeup to melt off, I’d recommend them!

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