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  • Gurjit
    September 21, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    Glitz and Glamour did my brother in laws decor for his wedding few years back and omg they did such an amazing job, so we just knew had to get them as well! There so easy to work with. We contacted them last year and met up with them twice and honestly it was super easy, we told them the colours we wanted and what we had in mind but we also just let them do whatever they wanted! They killed it ! We loved our decor ! The whole team was so wonderful to work with !

  • Mandy
    August 16, 2021 at 10:31 pm

    These ladies did 3 different backdrops for me for my home events and every single one left everyone speechless. The color scheme and details in each backdrop was amazing. Kim was a pleasure to work with and was mindful of our budget. She knew I didn’t want to go overboard but also wanted to make sure it looked amazing. I only have good things to say and they truly met all my expectations. We were so impressed by the decor and the swing was a major hit! Thank you for being a big part in my special day! I’m happy I got the opportunity to work with you!

    Glitz – Bill and Sarina did our reception decor as well and all I can say is wow.. it was outdoors and they made it look beautiful. The details from the entrance table to the main stage were spectacular. They were super easy to work with and did exactly what we wanted.

  • Stephanie
    October 26, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    Amazing people to work with ! By far my best vendor that I booked for my wedding. You won’t need to stress after having one meeting with them. They really deliver on your vision. Timely, professional and reliable. You won’t be disappointed !!

  • Tamanna
    October 26, 2021 at 9:59 pm

    They are amazing we had them for our reception and they delivered our vision perfectly! Book them without any hesitation.

  • Sanjeet
    October 26, 2021 at 9:59 pm

    Very nice people to work with. Bill and his wife were great!

  • Harprina
    October 26, 2021 at 10:00 pm

    Highly recommend!! They are amazing!

  • Bindu
    August 4, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to leave a review for Glitz and Glamour decor company! My husband and I hired them for 3 events (2 pre-wedding events and reception). We had them cancel on us 2 weeks prior to the start of our wedding week. I received a text message from Bill, the owner apologizing and saying his wife wasn’t doing well and that he couldn’t execute our vision without her, so they could no longer do our decor. He recommended ONE decor company and told US to reach out to them to see if they were available. After going back and forth with him, he offered for his “secondary” team to do our pre-events but not reception, which I denied as I didn’t feel comfortable with a company who was bailing last minute during such a stressful time. I even explained my situation to him as I had a lot going on with my grandmother being in the hospital, but he still didn’t offer to help find a replacement company for the reception in particular. Instead my husband and I, and our friends/family were frantically emailing, texting/calling, messaging all decor companies to find someone who was available on such short notice during a busy wedding season. I was very understanding of their situation UNTIL other decor companies were messaging us back only to let us know that they had clients reach out months prior with the same situation and same decor company. We also noticed that they were active on social media during this time and were being tagged by other vendors for event decor (including receptions), literally a week after our wedding. I recently reached out to Bill telling him how my husband and I felt after all this and received no response from him.

    Overall, as a business owner he was very unprofessional with how he handled the situation and left us very frustrated, disappointed and stressed out.

    Any future couples who are looking for decor companies I DO NOT recommend Glitz and Glamour!

  • Garvi
    September 17, 2023 at 3:35 pm

    Update: Bill Hundal and his company GLITZ AND GLAMOUR IS A HUGE FRAUD. Even after this he sends me an email saying how my deposit is non- refundable and he won’t return my money ($1,500) and HOW I HAVE for-fitted the contract.. when he has been annoying me.

    Hi needing help and advice- Glitz and glamour (Baldip Hundal) took 1,500 dollar deposit in 2020 for my wedding. My wedding was April 2020 peak pandemic , government mandate was no weddings gatherings allowed. so if pandemic happened and vendors did not have work they also got a large chunk of amount from the Canadian Government. What did the customers get? I want to know if it was the brides fault that covid happened? so many of us had to cancel our weddings.

    I moved away to Europe after signing papers back in 2020 we could not travel back due to covid restrictions. Due to family medical reasons we had to wait till now to do our traditional ceremony.

    I have told him about my family’s medical reason – someone having cancer and he does not care. He is not empathetic, and only cares if I provide extra money. Why can’t I use my credit? If I return something and get credit – I can’t apply it ? or do I have to pay more to apply it?

    This vendor has been very rude to me when I asked for refund. He started acting nice after when I provided him with photo to do my Mandap decoration he quoted me $4,000 dollars (mandap already built inside the venue) only needed minimal decoration. I knew he is purposely charging me 3 times the price. So I asked for stairs and eneterqnfe decor instead for 1,500 but he doesn’t care. He will not provide any decoration unless i pay more 2,000 plus tax extra.

    I said if i Can apply deposit to house decor then then his other team does house decor, he says no- I HAVE TRIED SO hard with this person. He is not empathetic, he is a mean person, he will not return my 1,500. Our last few messages I have told him to return my money and now he has not responded. He will not give my money and says it is non-refundable.

    I have dealt with other vendors if they are not free during that week they are still willing to help out and say we can do pre- wedding shoot.

    With Glitz and glamour it’s straight up no for so many options i have given him. He literally has a team that does house decoration- why can’t I apply my deposit there? why can’t i get my money back? Is it my fault that covid happened?

    If someone can provide me how to get my deposit back, I would like to warn future brides about this company. Maybe the decor is amazing what matters is ethical, genuine, caring vendors .. people don’t get married again and again it is once in a lifetime event and if you cannot even be ethical, and act arrogant then nobody needs that.

    I say arrogant – because when I told him there is already a mandap provided i need very minimal floral around it he quoted me 4,000 whereas other vendors it wasn’t even close to that quote. I told him that and he told me those companies must be startups (which they were not) lol. I cannot even believe it.

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