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  • Rachel
    February 14, 2022 at 10:38 pm

    My cousins and I had booked glamour dolls about 2 years ago prior to the pandemic for my sisters wedding . We gave deposits and signed a contract. Covid hit and because of the restrictions we had to re plan the wedding. All the while updating her vendors as well as glamour doll. My sister decided to do her wedding this year 2022 so we notified glamour dolls who had said we can use our deposit for future bookings. We told them in June of 2021 that the wedding was going to be in July of 2022. I had several calls with Nishi who had confirmed 3 times that the date was available. She emailed me saying these dates are confirmed for us as she checked her calendar and confirmed with Pamela( assistant) that these dates were available. Due to changes with dates we were informed that there will be an additional admin fee of $299, we went ahead and paid that and secured the date. FAST FOWARD to February 13th of 2022 I get a text from Nishi saying she needed to talk to me and that they have to cancel our bookings in July. We had them for 5 non bridal hair and makeup for two days. She goes onto to say that they made a mistake and they double booked???? They took 24 hrs before they even confirmed the date with us, not sure how they didn’t see they double booked. Besides the point this is bullshit these makeup artists are obviously having brides contact them so they cancel non bridal to get more money from the brides!!! I would never deal with glamour dolls again poor communication skills and rude as well and don’t have the audacity to be truthful in their binding obligations. Think twice before booking these inept makeup artists.

  • Amita
    February 15, 2022 at 12:13 am

    I recommended these ladies and trusted them to do my makeup and my cousins. Had nothing but wonderful things to say about both these woman did not think that they would do this to us. All over money cause a bridal client will pay more so cancel on the 5 of us after a contract is in place. They both acted so humble but wow they talk about other make artisits such as Pink Orchid Studio and how they charge so much money etc bashing them as they do peoples makeups. Yet they are the ones that actually do it themselves.I ran around trying to drop of the deposit cause they kept implying that it would cost extra for etransfer and they need the money to secure dates then called tryn to increase rates after deposit was made and using covid as a reason. took our money only to do to cancel cause something better came up. As bridal makeup professionals fully aware that make artists are booked over an year in advance they cancel 5 months prior how wonderful. Disgusting dont put up an act you ladies are unprofessional.

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