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  • Arjan
    April 22, 2023 at 11:22 am

    I’d like to leave a review of my experience with “glamby_kimm.”

    I had booked her back in the beginning of December 2022, for bridal makeup with trial for my summer wedding. She had confirmed her availability for my wedding day, agreed upon time and the flat travel rate. I sent her the deposit she had asked for to secure the date and time.

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I reached out to her to touch base about booking my trial and I come to find out I was never booked into her calendar for my wedding day, even though I paid my deposit. She saw my deposit go into her back account, accepted it; however, neglected to book me for the agreed day and time.

    I then exchanged email communication with her to see if the day and time was still available, only to find out she had other clients booked around the agreed upon time. I then asked for a refund of my deposit and she advised me she would make it work.

    She then sent me her “contract” and I come to see she has increased her deposit fee and I noted a discrepancy in her per km fee which showed her original rate and the new rate. I send her an email asking her to clarify her rates as I’ve seen an increase in price.

    I don’t hear back for several days, I then advise her I no longer wish to seek her services (due to her in-ability to communicate) and to return my deposit respectfully. This begins a lengthy email conversation where I categorise the issues that have arisen and primarily the fact that she would’ve left me high and dry on my wedding day after taking my money and not booking me in for a service I paid a deposit for.

    She then has the audacity to tell me she understands where I’m coming from; however because of the amount of deposits she receives in a day she can’t keep track of whoses booking her services unless she gets a text from the client advising of the transfer.

    Fast forward to now, she has not returned my deposit after her inability to manage her bookings, and she has stopped responding to my emails.

    I have found this vendor to be a nightmare, unreliable, unable to book keep, and extremely difficult to communicate with. Her inability to run a business is clearly demonstrated in her lack of managing her clients and there is a clear sense of greed in her keeping money that doesn’t belong to her.

    I would NOT recommend her to anyone just solely on how she conducts business.

  • Azeen
    September 3, 2023 at 11:21 am

    We had first booked her thinking she’s so good with her services. She double booked my mom and my friend and friend and I talked and realized. I messaged Kim several times and she said “she doesn’t have time to keep confirming the time with me”. Anyways the day of my mom went and decided just to get her hair done and this girl charged my mom $267 lol. Kinda insane. The next day my mom and aunt and cousin went. My mom got her makeup and hair done and she charged the same amount. My cousin got her hair done from her ”team” and that girl was so unprofessional, she did the most disgusting job and also told my cousin to “pin it up herself when she gets home” and she charged $100 for curls that didn’t even look like curls. honestly I’m so disappointed. Not only does she suck at responding. But services aren’t that impressive either. I do not recommend her.

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