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  • Arvin
    May 26, 2024 at 1:52 pm

    Do NOT book G Star Wedding House Lighting and Decor!!!!

    We had decided to book them to do lighting for the wedding house as they were offering a 25% discount on Vaisakhi. We had requested for lights to be put on Saturday, instead they decided to show up on Sunday while it was raining. Two hours into installation they said they will have to come back the next day. After completing installation on Monday at 1:00AM, they forgot to add the pot lights and left lights hanging on the ground. When my dad called them they had the audacity to tell my Dad not to bother them and they will come back when they want. All lights ended up being installed on the Thursday, which was after all of our pre-wedding events at home.

    The owner kept mentioning we did not buy him, but what he keeps forgetting as we did buy his service and it was absolutely horrible.

    They are a company of many excuses and very little customer service skills.

    Highly DO NOT recommend booking them for any events.

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