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  • Keerat
    August 4, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    On the morning of what was supposed to be my Mendhi Day, I woke up around 5 am with a stomach ache. Over the next few hours, it progressed to much worse. I’ll spare everyone the details, but I couldn’t even keep water in and I was in the worst pain of my life. At about 8 am, my parents decided to take me to the hospital, and my mendhi was scheduled to start at 10 am.

    Long story short, I got discharged later that evening and missed my scheduled mendhi time. My angel of a Mendhi Artist Elegance Henna by simi came to my house after her last bridal booking at around midnight so I could still get my mendhi done. She finished at around 2 am AND she did my mendhi while I was sleeping because I was still extremely sick. For the next 2 days (my Chunni Ceremony and then our Wedding), I was basically a walking zombie. I was so drugged up and looking back, I honestly don’t know how I got through it. I only remember bits and pieces of Thursday and Friday because I was so out of it and on heavy meds.

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