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  • Sharon
    February 8, 2022 at 3:49 pm

    If you are looking for a videographer and come across D’Elegance Films, I highly advise that you DO NOT HIRE THEM! They are very unprofessional and whatever they say they can do, they can not.

    I hired them for my engagement in August and finally received all the videos back this month, 6 months later. The feature film is nothing like we discussed it to be and the full film is an unedited version of mainly an empty sofa and cropped heads.

    When I told the main guy, Magnesh, that I was upset about the fact It is was nothing like we discussed he only said to have hired someone else. Wish I had hired someone else as his work was something worse than a high school project.

    The photos attached is what all the shagun part looks like.

    • Magnesh Nath
      January 20, 2024 at 11:01 am

      This is Delegance films to set the record straight this review claims a lot of misleading information. The client was told openly from the start that the video she was comparing too from another company was shot outdoors with a team of 4 and her budget only allowed for 1 videographer to run 2 cameras which I explained i would do my best but I am shooting as 1 man alone to accommodate her budget of $800 for filming editing video only and recommended hiring my full team for Video which she could not afford unfortunately. Not to mention yellow light indoor setting at the venue for her event which was the case it was not only that but we had constant interruptions with family members turning lights on and off I tried many times to communicate this was a reoccuring problem for the entirety of the event. I was solely in charge of her video not photos which she hired another company for and I still ended up posing her for the other company as the photographer didnt know how to. So these shots down here with the blanked out faces are NOT taken by Delegance Films you can check out our Instagram the work speaks for it self you can see our Actual Photos from other events and VIDEOS and not some other company’s which this is with the blanked out face once again this is not Delegance Films photo’s I can show her contract and video to those who would like in private. ONCE AGAIN THIS CLIENT DID NOT RECEIVE PHOTOGRAPHY FROM DELEGANCE FILMS.

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