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  • Ijaz
    October 31, 2022 at 9:08 pm


    We booked DB Wavy Films for our family engagement party photos on August 20th. The booking was for 2 hours with Dil Brar and his partner Sara Gill. We had to guide Dil the entire time on how to take photos. He would stand in the background looking around until we asked him to come take photos. He didn’t seem experienced overall but we had some faith that the pictures would hopefully turn out good and we relied on that since the lighting from our phones was bad. We took all family photos via the photographer and tried to get him to capture all of our special moments.

    We were told it would take up to 8 weeks to get the photos back. Understandable since it was still wedding season. We checked in at the 4 week mark and were told it would still take another 4 weeks. We hit the 8 week mark and followed up and were only then told that the photos were outsourced to india to be processed and they were having technical difficulties. He kept beating around the bush as to what exactly went wrong and finally admitted the pictures were lost.

    All of the memories from that night are all gone. Not only was he an amateur during the session he somehow managed to lose all of the photos and said it happened during the physical transportation of the photos to India. What a great excuse. Do not book with these amateurs especially if you actually want your photos back. Who knows if we would have even been told that the photos were lost if we didn’t follow up at all. Dil and Sara were eager to take your money but clearly aren’t capable of actually producing anything in return.

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