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  • Unsa
    November 10, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Crown Palace had the date available for us and they were totally understanding of our situation. It was almost a blessing in disguise, the event was just meant to happen in crown palace because we everything was incredible. However, on the other hand we are in the middle of legal action against Royal King because they refuse any wrongdoing whatsoever and there’s so much more that I cannot disclose at this moment. Thank you all for asking for updates, it means a lot

  • Joti
    May 11, 2024 at 11:32 am

    We booked crown banquet hall last year October (2023) for my brothers September 2024 reception. We were given the option to choose from patio or non patio side as both were available and we went with non patio side. We paid $5000 for the fall rental deposit.

    A few weeks ago.. 4 months before my brothers reception Sukha Uncle called from crown and said we have a bit of a problem. Our girl double booked and we need you guys to find a new hall. He goes we will try finding one too and you guys as well. He goes the other party booked first so you have to be the ones we have to sort it out with now. When I reminded him we were given a choice and neither side was booked when we booked he just didn’t acknowledge it.

    Over the phone he said he will cover the cost of our new wedding cards, any other costs that incur with the new hall that are over his prices are on him given that we can find something.

    My dad brother and uncle went in to talk to him
    And he reinstated everything he said over the phone and said to find a different hall.

    A few days later we got lucky because a different hall had a cancellation and we were able to secure for the same date. However for an extra $3000. This new halls rent was $8200. We then went back and told Crown the difference of $3000, plus $400 to reorder our wedding cards and an additional $400 for the floor wrap as the new hall has a bigger floor. He went into denial after the cost was put on the table. He said I never told you to go find anything I would’ve found you something for the same price. We told him there was no way we were trusting him after he admit to our new hall owner that “double booking karni pehndi ah” meaning sometimes you have no choice but to double book. Turns out the other party was bigger than ours and wanted the entire hall so they decided to play us and hope for the best.

    He didn’t end up giving us our $800 for flooring + cards. Nor any consideration for our time and stress he caused with so little time to the reception. That also being a long weekend when the reception is scheduled.

    Luckily we were able to get him to cover the $3000 difference plus get our $5000 deposit back.

    We will never take our business there again. To screw someone over that booked a year in advance because you are getting a bigger party and more $$. Not the business ethics that will get you far.

    And how is it that you never realized sooner about a double booking…. Now if anything we were supposed to be in contact 2 weeks prior to September to discuss menu. But they didn’t care that their entire plan was shady and we could smell the bulls* right away! No way they randomly pulled up our contract and said oh wow double booking.

    But thank god something lined up. We called 15 different places and nothing was available. If it wasn’t for the cancellation idk what we would have done.

    Save the hassle. Avoid crown or make it known if they double book it’s not your problem and you won’t be responsible for the hassle after.

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