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  • Hailey
    November 23, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    Worst customer service.

    I made an appointment in spring of 2021, right after lockdown. I arrived and the shop was completely closed. Then I made an appointment a few months later, when I was 5 minutes away they informed me they double booked me and they wanted to change my appointment time. I agreed because what else could I do?

    They say they can do custom orders but they mess up the order, then ignore your calls, texts for weeks. And never send confirmation of the order.

    Avoid this place if you want a calm experience shopping. I regret ever entering Chandan Fashion.

  • AniqaK
    April 9, 2022 at 10:11 pm

    Worst customer services! I’m writing this review without prejudice just to catch the owner’s attention. Please take care of your customers services. I visited your shop in 1st week of March 2022; to buy lehenga and sari for a very special occasions. To my surprise I met a saleswoman called Nargis who’s verbal communication skills were very poor and she was asking over and again about my budget and made uncomfortable comments regarding my choice. First of all Nargis does not know anything about customer services neither can she communicate properly in English or in any other language. Her listening skills are awful because she was repeatedly asking the same question. Anyway I didn’t feel like buying form her and move on to other side of the store where I met someone called Sharmin another saleswoman. Same issue with her. She tries to brag about her experience and salesmanship but you should never do that to your customers. Had she been good at her job she should know it’s not done. Horrible customer services, very poor communication skills She should quit!

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